White Ink Tattoos - Designs, Ideas, Pros & Cons

Written by: Pete

White ink tattoos are becoming increasingly popular all around the world, making a bold fashion statement.

They are both exquisitely delicate on lighter skin and stunningly prominent on darker skin. Since this ink is so distinctive, it makes you stand out from the crowd.

If you have been thinking about getting a tattoo with white ink, but you want to learn more about the details before making the commitment, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will be discussing all aspects of the white ink tattoo, including pros and cons, ideas and the best white tattoo inks.

So, let’s get started.

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Let’s start off simple. Below, we will provide you with two separate lists, which display the pros and cons of getting a white ink tattoo.

We’ll save you some time and help you out by giving you the facts, so that you can make an informed decision about whether this body alteration is right for you.

After all, tattoos are permanent, and you will want to make sure that you are making the absolute best decision.


Now that we have gotten the bad news out of the way, let’s take a look at the positive aspects that come with getting a white ink tattoo!

  1. The most obvious pro to getting a white ink tattoo is that they have such an attractive, unique appearance. Most tattooed individuals have tattoos made from black ink, so why not go against the crowd and give yourself a more unique appearance?
    While they may be a little more expensive, white ink tattoos may fit your aesthetic perfectly, which is definitely a good enough reason to get one.
  2. If you have a job that requires you to cover up major tattoos, or you would feel more comfortable with them being less visible, white tattoos are the perfect solution. Since they are so subtle, they can be easily covered up and concealed.
    Of course, this only really applies to those with lighter skin. If your skin is darker, you may have the opposite dilemma, so take this into consideration.
  3. Depending on what kind of ink your tattoo artist uses, your white tattoo may be able to glow in the dark. This is not something that is applied to every white tattoo, so make sure you talk to your tattoo artist beforehand if this is something you’d like.
    Having a tattoo that glows in the dark is so incredibly cool, and will catch everyone’s attention the next time you’re in a club.  


We believe that it’s always best to get bad news out of the way, so that you can focus on the more serious aspects before moving on to the more positive points.

So, here are some cons to white ink tattoos that you need to seriously consider before getting one yourself.

  1. First and foremost, you may have heard already that white ink hurts more than typical black ink. Unfortunately, this is a true fact. While pain is subjective, and some will have higher pain thresholds than others, it is a widely accepted fact that white tattoos hurt a lot more than one created with black in.
    When applying white ink, the needle must penetrate your skin considerably deeper. Additionally, it might require more than one needle pass to adequately intensify the color, so it appears.
  2. The second attempt will sting significantly more, since your skin will be a lot more sensitive due to the previous one.
    White ink will fade a lot faster than black ink, or other colors. It is also particularly prone to alter with time because it lacks pigmentation. Due to this, it’ll probably begin to resemble the color of your skin as time passes.
    For instance, it could take on a yellowish color with warmer skin tones, or it may fade completely on those with particularly pale coloring.
  3. While white tattoos look great at first, there is a large possibility that they will begin to look like a scar overtime. This is due to the fact that, on very light skin, white ink will almost surely turn a subtle shade of red around the edges.
    Even after the tattoo has recovered, this redness may persist, giving the area a scar-like appearance.
    Although some people think this effect is interesting, you might want to avoid it if this is not the appearance you’re going for.

White Ink Tattoo Designs, Ideas, And Their Meanings

Below, we have listed 10 white ink tattoo ideas – created purely using white ink – that we are in love with.

To kick off this list, we have a subtle, fine line butterfly design on a forearm. This is a lovely, delicate image that will look good on anyone.

This lightning design looks incredible on this person’s thumb, and while it would look good with black ink, it looks even better in white ink. 

Are you an avid traveler, or you would like to, someday, travel the world? This miniature tattoo will remind you of the big world around you.

This is another subtle design that would be perfect for someone who doesn’t want to flaunt their designs to the world, but still wants a pretty piece of ink.

The intricate details of this Mandala flower looks so pretty, although we have no doubt that many (painful) hours must have been spent on this design.

When getting a white ink tattoo, it may be a fun idea to get an item that is already known for being white, such as a delicate snowflake.

We have no doubt that this back piece must have been incredibly painful, but the outcome was clearly worth every moment.

This area is a very tender place to get ink done, so, again, this must have been quite sore. However, if you can handle it, the final result is clearly worth it!

We love this image of this fine line flower. While it is common to get a red rose, you can stand out from the crowd with this white one!

This image of a mountain under the sun looks so incredible on tanned skin, and we bet it would look just as great on other skin tones.

Inspiration For White Ink And Other Colored Ink Tattoos

When combined with the intricate detail given from the black ink, the fine line work with the white ink creates a stunning, floral design.

For those who prefer smaller, more subtle designs, this tiny image of a daisy on this person’s finger is so cute!

We love the idea of having the first half of a sentence being written in black ink, and the second half being written in white ink.

The two colored inks creating two separate snakes wrapped around each other is so effective, resulting in a powerful contrast between the two.

The small amount of ink used to create the red, white, and blue parts of this design are so effective, creating a unique tattoo of an ice popsicle.

Next up, we have another tiny flower design that looks so adorable. Unlike many others in this list, the white ink in this design is used to blend in with the red.

The idea of two identical subjects being doubled, but created with two colored inks, is so effective. It may resemble the hands of two individuals living very different lives.

The white parts of this tattoo really help to enhance the black areas, with each color contrasting yet intensifying the other.

Using a block of black ink, with fine, intricate lines of white, this tattoo stands out so well, and looks incredible.

Finally, we have a piece that uses fine lines made up of red and white ink; two unusual colored inks, but ones that look so amazing together.


So, as we briefly mentioned in the previous section, it is possible to have a white ink tattoo that glows in the dark… kind of.

You won’t be able to get a tattoo that glows under normal darkness; e.g., if you turned the lights out in your bedroom, your tattoo wouldn’t glow.

However, these tattoos will glow under UV lighting, which you would find at a club, or in a tanning salon.

However, as we said earlier, not all white ink will glow under UV lighting. Only inks that have specifically been manufactured to glow will do so.

Additionally, these types of ink do not only come in the color white. The most popular UV tattoo ink colors are:

  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Green

The most popular UV tattoo ink is ‘invisible’, which is a light white color. They are called ‘invisible’ because they are not completely visible in normal lighting, unless viewed close up. They only really show up under UV lights.

While this is a cool idea, and you may even find yourself interested in getting a UV tattoo, there are two things that you should keep in mind.

Firstly, they can be a lot more expensive than normal tattoos. In fact, they are even more expensive than white tattoos, which are already pretty costly compared to black tattoos.

Lastly, UV tattoos will fade within the first 5 years of getting them. This means you will need to get them touched up a lot more frequently than a typical tattoo, which will also result in a lot more money spent overall.


With the advantages and disadvantages of white ink tattoos now in your possession, you ought to be better prepared to decide if this type of tattoo is right for you.

As always, you should be sure to research your tattoo artist before booking an appointment, by reading reviews, checking out healthy and safety ratings, and/or asking friends for recommendations.

You’ll feel a lot more at ease and secure when you have faith that someone will provide you with a hygienic and secure service.

Additionally, you must always practice the best aftercare on your tattoos after getting them, so that you can avoid infection, and ensure that your design will remain flawless and vibrant for a longer amount of time.

If you need more inspiration, don’t forget to check these tattoo ideas.

We hope you found this article helpful.

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