What To Wear When Getting A Shoulder What To Wear When Getting A Shoulder Tattoo - 3 Tips For Your Session

Written by: Claudia

Shoulder tattoos are awesome and they’re generally not that painful. You have such a wide and diverse space to work with when it comes to getting ink on your shoulder. Depending on what you decide to get tattooed, your appointment may take anywhere from half an hour to multiple hours.

If you’re wondering what to wear to a session for a shoulder tattoo, we’ve got you covered with the best tips.

3 Tips on the Best Things to Wear During a Shoulder Tattoo

If you are planning on heading into a session to get a shoulder tattoo, here are four tips you’ll want to keep in mind regardless of the length of your appointment.

Priority #1: Comfort

Your comfort is of the utmost importance to your tattoo artist because it truly simplifies the tattooing process. You need to find a piece of clothing that is easy to move in, easy to remove to reveal the space you need to have tattooed, and that won’t be bothersome during the process.

For a shoulder tattoo, that could mean wearing:

  • A sports bra
  • A halter top
  • A tank top
  • A sweater that is easy to remove to reveal your shoulder if it is winter
  • A strapless top if your tattoo hugs around your neckbone area

Priority #2: Cleanliness

Sanitation is important when it comes to getting tattooed. Not only do you want fabrics to stay away from the area being inked, you also don’t want to increase the risk of bacteria in your wounded area.

Ensure that the clothes you are wearing to your session not only stay away from the region being tattooed but are also clean from being recently laundered. In addition, keep tight clothing off the region or you put yourself at risk of disturbing the healing process.

Priority #3: Confidence

Believe it or not, getting a tattoo is actually a very intimate experience. You are sometimes spending hours with someone who has their hands on your skin, and who you are trusting to create a permanent work of art on you, and won’t hurt you (too much) in the process.

Since you will have to remove clothing to get a shoulder tattoo, you’ll want to make sure you’re confident and comfortable. If the thought of getting into a state of undress or wearing revealing clothing during your session makes you nervous, discuss this with your artist at your consultation.

Our Final Thoughts

Your shoulder is generally not a difficult spot to tattoo and won’t require much undressing on your part. You should just make sure that the clothes you are wearing do not interfere with where your design will be placed, that the clothes you choose are clean and hygienic, and that you’re comfortable during your session.

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