Tree Tattoos

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Trees are the epitome of life on this planet. Trees have been on the surface of our earth for thousands of years. They have provided man with the food, protection, resources, and shelter. Worshipping trees was a common practice throughout almost all the ancient civilizations. They believed the tree to be something mythical or sacred; trees were the symbols of gods. Tree tattoos started from this belief.

Everything You Need to Know About Tree Tattoos

They started to put trees on their skin even from the beginning of tattooing. Like the tree, tattoos with trees were also considered sacred, and therefore it was only allowed to be tattooed by high ranking nobles of the society. A nonnoble tattooing a tree was even punishable in ancient times. Trees were given that much importance even from the starting of human societies. Even today the value of the tree in human life is enormous.

A tree tattoo can be done in different ways; there are also variations as to which a tree can be tattooed. Some may have a branch or the leaves of the tree; others may tattoo a tree as the whole, some with root others without it. Then some people tattoo orchards or even a forest.

All of these comes under the same name of tree tattoos. But even though there are so many variations, the most common one would be the whole tree. Also, when tattooing a tree as a whole, some everyday habits are followed, most people like to tattoo a few common trees.

These tree tattoos on arm were made standard by their importance and, the meaning that these tattoos have. For example, taking the oak tree, it was considered a sacred tree throughout centuries by different communities, the Celtics and Greeks believed the oak tree to be sacred, for Buddhists, the Bodhi tree is the symbol of knowledge, wisdom, and regeneration.

Types of Tree Tattoos

There are 6 different types of trees tattoos that are frequently right now.

  1. Oak
  2. Maple
  3. Pine
  4. Ash
  5. Cherry
  6. Bodhi etc.

The popularity of the tree tattoos still being so high is because of the wide range of meanings the tree gives. The tree of life symbolizes a human life cycle. The tree is considered as having a long life; some trees can survive thousands of years. Therefore it is no surprise that they are seen as the symbol of longevity and strength.

Given the fact that early humans had to depend on trees for almost all of their daily needs also gives trees the value of protection, care, resourcefulness, etc. Whenever we think of nature, the first thing that comes to any person’s mind is a tree. It is because the human history is so much intertwined with trees. From collecting fruits for food to finding out the tremendous medicinal qualities of trees that cured diseases that could’ve been deadly if not.

Benefits of Using Tree Tattoos

Even today lumber is an important part of any construction, and therefore trees provided us with the resources needed to build our homes. That is why having a tree as a tattoo not only shows the qualities and values possessed by a tree but also indicates that gratitude we owe to the tree and nature as a whole for supporting and nourishing all type of life on Earth. Having a tree as a tattoo is not just a piece of art on your body. Moreover, it is an emotion, an expression of something that each of us needs these qualities of the tree to be a lucky man in life.

There exists a saying that we should learn how to humble from the trees. Whenever the trees bear fruits, its branches bend down with humility helping us reach out to the beautiful fruits thereby spreading the fruitfulness of the tree to everyone who surrounds. Similarly, a lucky human should always be humble; he should show humility towards all his fellow beings, that’s how he can spread his success while bringing more prosperity to himself.

The qualities we should study from trees are not a few. It needs patience and perseverance to be calm like a tree, to stand well rooted and rise high. This is why the tree is still admirable to anyone who watches and for the same reason, tree tattoos remain one of the best forms of ink art you can get on your skin. The qualities of a tree do not end there.

Tree Tattoos Meaning & Qualities

A few qualities and meanings shown by the tree tattoos are:

  • Regeneration
  • Rejuvenation
  • Strength
  • Prosperity
  • Wisdom
  • Beauty
  • Heritage
  • Eternity
  • Circle of life
  • Fertility
  • Spirituality etc.

If you are someone going to get their first tattoo, the tree tattoo can be one of your first choices for the value and qualities it stands for. A tree shows how active you are, your attachment with nature, and your willingness to adapt and learn from your surroundings, the beauty is indicated by a tree is something remarkable even on this day of advancement and modern technologies.

Tree Tattoos Designs Ideas for Women

Final Words

Going back to your roots is the best way you can make sure you reach the highest. The tree remains a sacred symbol, the symbol of life and fertility. Before getting a tattoo you should understand what meaning you want to express through it. Also, you need to search through these different types of tree tattoos to find the one that matches your ideas. Also, you could create one that expresses your character just in one image.

However you do it, the tree will be one of the best tattoos out there to try, especially if your need for a tattoo is not just to show off the art but also to create an everlasting impression on anyone who sees it, but most importantly on your mind itself. A tree is something that can never be replaced; it is one of the few things on this planet without which our life will never be the same. Also, trees are the life of the earth, and a tattoo depicting them is sure to be a great one.

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