Tiger Tattoos

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Tiger tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs out there. They're a symbol of strength, courage, and beauty. So if you're looking for a new design idea, check out these tiger tattoo ideas!

If you've decided that your next tattoo will be a tiger then this is the perfect blog post for you! We'll show you teach you the meaning behind tiger tattoos as well as show you some cool tiger tattoo designs.

Different Types of Tiger Tattoos and Their Meanings

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Tigers are standing compared to lions, which is why they are more recognized to be very wild. In fact, you do not know, and tigers refer to the group of cats. Even so, these have enormous quantities when matched to the regular cat pets. They can also be very excited just like lions if you make them, so you better wait apart from the tigers.

You want to show how wild kind of a human you are, especially when you are being informed, then it is undoubtedly great for you to have a tiger tattoo.


A tiger is one of the animals that you can find in the jungle that has very unbelievable power that can be related to lions, elephants, and some other powerful animals out there. This is the primary purpose of tiger art known to imply strength.

Because of this, there is no problem with why it is excellent for those people who have high power among them.


Many people consider that tigers will never make bad things over you unless you have done something wrong to them. And once you make them, there is no method you can control them from rampaging. You will inevitably end up your personal life immediately. Once tigers become energy, they always get from taking revenge.

Hence, it is no excellent shocking why they seem to be representatives of attack. If you want to show people your revengeful nature for the purpose of informing them, then this tattoo would be excellent to wear.


In fact, you do not know, people connect tiger animals with a lot of religions in the world. Some religions deemed them as villains of their homes that increase the spirit of struggle. Others think that they express goodness that there is no requirement to worry about these animals.

For some Asian religions, tigers seem to be very harmful, especially in India, where these animals destroyed Indian villages and eat some people.


They express their security. Well, there is no problem with that since tigers are powerful and many animals and people do not try to make a meal with them. In other words, many are scared of them, so they can definitely say that they can protect themselves well. However, that is a widespread fact. Here is a unique one.

Do you know that tigers suppose to be the guardians of the dead people? Yes, you read it right. It is according to Chinese history. In fact, a number of Chinese people in the past burned the image of a tiger on the gravestones of their dead family members. They considered that the picture of the Tiger there will help the soul of the dead goes to heaven quickly.

Baby Tiger Tattoo Designs

No matter how intimidating and fearsome a tiger may be, nothing provokes the expression, full of emotions “Ahhhhh, he’s so attractive” positively like looking at a newborn tiger. Given that tigers are, in stock, individual animals, the female of the species is famous for being faithful mothers. Baby Tiger Tattoo designs express Honesty and Brittleness. They are a top of the hat to the connection between a mother and a child.

Dragon Tiger Tattoos

In Chinese traditions, the Tiger and the Dragon are deadly enemies who regularly get into a bloody battle. Both are symbols of Mother Nature and describe Power, Strength, Love, and Desire. What makes these two separate things that communicate with the environment around them?

The Dragon is an intelligent animal and a creature of knowledge that is in tune with the essential elements of the world, whereas the Tiger is a creature of brute power and primal power. In a feeling, a Dragon Tiger Tattoo describes the fight between the Brain and the Body.


During the story of tattoo art, animals have been a significant source of motivation for tattoo designers. Between animal tattoos, the Tiger tattoo makes a traditional option because they have infinite beauty and unmatched skills, making it the latest source of motivation for people. There is something royal about this ruled human, which has made people run for its fantastic skin. Also, unique hunting has led it to grow an endangered species today.

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