Tear Drop Tattoos

Written by: Pete

The origin of the tattoo is not defined anywhere, but it has been in existence for over a thousand years (as found on the Egyptian mummies). Nowadays, some people get a tattoo on their bodies just for the sake of fashion, but in the ancient era, tattoos used to carry meanings. Sometimes people used to get tattoos as a form of punishment, and some used to get them to be recognized as slaves, some to be known as a part of a clan/organization, some to remember something for life long, some for protection and some as good luck. In this article, we will be covering Teardrop tattoo designs.

Even in this era, many people get different tattoos that carry different meanings or signify something. (For example, Semicolon tattoo ( ; ) as a message signifying solidarity against suicide, addiction, and mental health)

A teardrop tattoo is usually on the face below the eyes; it resembles the shape of a real tear and signifies the person killed another person, or that the tattoo wearer has been sexually assaulted. The Tattoo was originated from prison, and the prisoners would get it to reveal that they had withheld the tears as they suffered in the jail as they weren’t allowed to cry.

Later those men started claiming they got teardrop tattoo after killing someone in prison to hide their personal suffering, and this changed the original meaning of the Tattoo.When we associate it with prison culture, nowadays, the teardrop tattoo carries different meanings for different people. Those meanings can even be too personal.It can mean that the person (men or women) misses a loved one, by unfortunate death.

Some Ideas Of Teardrop Tattoos And Their Meanings 

Here are some of the best Teardrop tattoos:

Teardrop Under The Left Eye

Prisoners who were abused, raped, or were owned by someone used to get this Tattoo, later these prisoners told others that they got it to remember how they suffered in jail after they killed a person to hide their personal suffering.

Even people believe this Tattoo means that the person is a killer and is famous in gangsters.

Teardrops Under The Right Eye

The original meaning shifted to the improvised one that the wearer men lost a gang member or a family member or a loved one. Multiple tears mean the loss of numerous gang/family members. Women/men get this Tattoo to show solidarity to the one whom they love who is a prisoner.

Long Teardrop

A teardrop tattoo longer than usual can signify power or rebellion against sexual or physical abuse of the wearer.

Though it doesn’t always mean something, it is a fresh idea that would look cool, among other designs.

Teardrop On Cheekbone

Getting a teardrop tattoo under the eyes is very common. It is a unique idea to get a teardrop tattoo on the cheekbone. It can carry a hidden meaning for the wearer, or it can mean that the person had no one to wipe his tears when he was in pain.

Large Teardrop

People usually get a teardrop tattoo of natural size. A teardrop larger than usual size can signify loss and regret, or it can even mean the wearer’s immense pain.

Large Teardrop With A Small One 

A large teardrop with smaller ones is a really great idea for the Tattoo, it shows the flow of how the more massive teardrop flows along with smaller ones.

It is a natural representation of how the imbalance is inherent.

Clear Teardrop

Other than the meanings that we commonly assume like the wearer being a murderer, a clear teardrop can also mean the person seeks vengeance.

Teardrop Tattoo Anywhere On The Body 

Nowadays, people are getting teardrop tattoos on different parts of the body. Like in between the fingers on the sides of fingers, on the side of the palm. It might be even at the hideous parts of the body. This shows the person doesn’t want others to know about their sufferings or pain. But they wish to remind themselves that they once suffered, and they came out of it well.

Though teardrop tattoos carry a negative connotation, most of us assume and calculate meanings by the tattoo artists or the wearers themselves. But it’s not necessary that a teardrop tattoo wearer has to have the above reasons to get that Tattoo. It can also be there because the person likes it or is trying something new.

According to Psychologists, the people who get teardrop tattoos are soft at heart inside. They are sensitive or that they were delicate. This world usually makes them a tough person who doesn’t feel anything now.

It shows the person has suffered in the past and is either trying to survive. It might be like, it is still in the burden of suffering, regrets, or pain of losing something or someone really close.


The teardrop tattoo designs are a revolutionary method that can rise as a rebellion in the future if the world keeps being hard on sensitive people.

On the other hand, teardrop tattoos are getting trendy irrespective of the message behind them, and people like it. We assume we will get to see more people with teardrop tattoos who don’t have a hard past but are trying to get along with fashion trends.

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