Tattoos For Men

Written by: Jason White

Thinking of getting a tattoo? Check out the compilation of the coolest men’s tattoos we’ve put together for you! Find inspiration from this vast and unique collection we’ve curated–from large back tattoos to small but meaningful ones on the wrist.

Keep reading to find the trending tattoo ideas for men for the year 2020. Below are some examples of the most relevant and interesting works of the year so far.

Tattoo Ideas For Men


Small tattoos are just as popular with men as they are with women. Usually, these tattoos are meaningful symbols and inscriptions of names of people important to them (such as a spouse or their children) quotes, or their mottos in life.


Quality tattoos of this size are characterized by a well-thought of composition/plot, elaborate details, and harmonious style and color. Should you choose to get a large tattoo, choose an artist who is a true professional, able to carefully consider all the nitty gritty details while visualizing how his sketch will look on your body. Professional and quality tattoo machine and other equipment is another sign of a professional tattooist.

With the development of new rotary machines that are light and fast, it is now possible to make a big tattoo in less time. Is it painful? Yes. But the result is worth the time under the needle! Skillfully done large tattoos are notorious head-turners!


Large tattoos (e.g. epic paintings, Chicano tattoos, portraits, volumetric images of animals or plants) can be placed on body parts with large surface areas such as the chest, back, flank, or hips.

On the other hand, small, minimalistic tattoos can be just anywhere on a man’s body: the neck, shoulder, wrist, palms, or lower leg.

Tattoos on the arm

The most common place for tattooing is the arm, and images can take up the entire surface. Such tattoos often grow into whole compositions and can eventually become a tattoo sleeve.

Small tattoos on the wrist are also popular among men—the most common variant is a bracelet tattoo.

Tattoo Sleeves

Such a tattoo can be a complete picture or consist of separate parts.

On the chest

The chest is a very practical place for tattooing as first, it is a large and flat surface. And second, it is not as painful to get a tattoo here, compared to more sensitive areas such as the stomach, ribs, or places where the bones are closer to the skin.

The size of the chest allows tattoos volumization; it also permits for drawings of all shapes and sizes (from small tattoos to complex compositions).

On the leg

The thigh, calf, and foot are very popular places for tattoos among men. The most commonly chosen images include faces of animal and ornamental and geometric kinds of tattoos.

On the back

The largest and smoothest “canvas” of the body is the back, where you can tattoo a complete and high quality artistic drawing; hence, this is often chosen for body ink placement. Large, original images and spectacular scenes work best here.

On the shoulder



Minimalist tattoos are not necessarily small, but it gets its name from the tattoo’s style and content, where simplicity is the name of the game. Details and color are kept at a minimum—black and white are commonly used, or if colors are employed, they are only used to provide accents, instead of being the main focus. As a result, the tattoo looks stunning in its simplicity.

Amazing trash polka

This style is best for large-scale and vividly colored tattoos. The concept allows large room for experimentation. Recall the most recent tattoo festivals where trash polka was highlighted in all its glory, both in its pure form and in combination with different styles (ornamental, linework, realism). In this trend, the bigger the picture, the more the creative and awesome nature of the tattoo is revealed, much to the joy of its owner.

Unique new school style

One’s wildest fantasies can come alive in this style, wherein the possibilities are endless. With this freedom, we won’t be surprised if the new school style of tattooing will never go out of style!

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