Tattoos For Friends

Written by: Jason White

Many people pay tribute to important relationships by getting friendship tattoos—permanent proof of their loyalty and devotion to the other person. Such body art has been steadily growing in popularity. Some decide to make minimalist inscriptions in simple, original fonts, while others fill a whole tattoo composition with things that depict the importance of their friendship. In any case, if you and a friend decide to get a pair of tattoos, choose a good and stylish sketch worthy of your bond!

Here are 50 paired friendship tattoo ideas for you and your best friend.

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Friendship Tattoo Ideas

Where To Place Friendship Tattoos

Paired sketches can be placed anywhere you want! Often, people choose body parts that are always on display, as if declaring to the world the importance of their friendship. Such areas include the forearm (actually, any part of the arm is popular for paired tattoos), fingers, leg, and ankle.

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