Tattoo Leaking Plasma - Everything You Should Know

Written by: Claudia

There are many gross stages that follow the excitement of a brand new tattoo. So many are bizarre enough to make you wonder whether it’s normal or not. One thing your tattoo might do is leak clear fluid called plasma. Should you be concerned if your new tattoo is leaking fluid?

Why Your Tattoo is Leaking Plasma

A new tattoo is essentially an open wound. As such, you can expect that there may be some bleeding or plasma loss after the trauma. Our blood is composed of 55% plasma, and this clear fluid often gets pushed out of wounds in an attempt to clean it, keeping you free of bacteria infiltration or infection.

The Science Behind It

When our body experiences an injury, blood is pushed out to this region in an attempt to clear the wound and to clog it so that it can heal quickly and efficiently. This fresh ink is in an extremely vulnerable state, and fluid such as plasma is evidence of your immune system working hard to heal it.

components of blood

The components of blood.

Plasma is not the same as pus. Pus is thicker, viscous, and has a bright yellow or green tinge to it, indicating an infection. Plasma is thin fluid, clear to the eye, but a light yellow color when wiped. Plasma leaking is a normal reaction to the tattoo, while pus, especially pus that has a smell, is a cause for concern.

Plasma assists in scab formation of a new tattoo. It creates a barrier to reduce any risks of bacteria infiltration or infection.

When to Expect Leaking Plasma

A tattoo will go through a leaking process called weeping within the first three days. The wound will push out excess blood, ink, and plasma fluid to clean the wounded area. It’s for this reason that tattoos often look a little faded when healed; our body sees the injury and the ink as a foreign substance that needs to be removed from the wound.

During this time, you should not do anything to prevent the weeping stage. Do not put any lotions or creams on the area as this may stop the flow of oxygen to the wound, which initiates the weeping process, and may create a barrier that locks in the materials the wound is trying to push out.

When to be Concerned

Leaking plasma should be clear or have a slight blood tinge and should have no smell. You should continue to clean and dry the area during the extent of the weeping stage, only introducing moisturizer into your aftercare routine after it stops.

If the leaking continues after three to four days, or if the fluid leaking from the wound ever has a smell, you should seek medical attention. This could be the sign of an infection. Other signs of infection include:

Do you notice that your tattoo is also leaking ink? Don’t worry, that’s normal as well. If you ever wonder whether your tattoo is leaking plasma or something else that puts your new tattoo at risk, speak to your tattoo artist and ask them for their professional opinion.

Our Final Thoughts

Plasma fluid leaking from your tattoo is not only a normal first stage in the healing process but it also helps your wound fight off infection and heal more quickly. It’s an immune response to an injury that helps keep the area clean and prepares it for health scabbing. If at any point the liquid leaking from your tattoo begins to have a less translucent or more viscous appearance, and if it’s paired with a foul smell, seek medical attention.

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