Sunflower Tattoos

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As we know that our nature is full of beautiful creations. And flowers are one of the prettiest creations among them, which inspired the people with their appearance, and the sunflower is also one of them. The sunflower contains a long stem and big petals of yellow color. Sunflower gives the sun-like impression. And evokes bright and positive emotions about the sunny, and warm days like Sun. Sunflower Tattoo designing is one of the art forms, where the sunflower finds its new and memorable interpretation.

Meanings Of Sunflower Tattoo

The sunflower is popularly known as a HAPPY FLOWER. The appearance of sunflower is like the Sun. It is associated with joy, warmth, and also with hope. There is also some mark of sunflower in various culture like,

  1. Sunflower resembles the sign of God’s Love for his people in Christianity culture.
  2. In Eastern culture, it is regarded as an auspicious symbol. Also the sunflower represents good health, happiness, and also represents luck.
  3. In Dutch culture, the sunflower considered as a symbol of loyalty and devotion.
  4. Yellow color resembles happiness, vitality, and intelligence in China. Sunflower also symbolizes good luck and a long life in China.
  5. In Native American culture, the sunflower is a symbol of energy and fertility.

At present, the sunflower tattoo is one of the most preferred and choice of design. People preferred sunflower tattoo a lot. This is because of its marks in various cultures or because of its prettiest appearance.

At present, In Modern tattoo art, the sunflower image expresses the various meanings like;

  • Religion
  • Happiness
  • Charm
  • Vitality
  • Grace
  • Internal memory
  • Long life
  • Warmth
  • Gratitude
  • Faithfulness

The size of the sunflower also has some certain role in symbolism. This means, the small size sunflower generally indicates Worship, while large pattern sunflower indicates fidelity. And the pair of a tattoo of two sunflowers is a symbol protective talisman for two people, who are in love. And this flower signifies the dedication of men and women for life.

Sunflower Tattoo Designs And Techniques

According to the choice of people, there is a variety of sunflower tattoo designs available. Some people prefer small patterns, while others want a large pattern. The sunflower tattoos designs offer colorful, black and grey, black and white. Some are also only black images of this incredible flower. You can also change the Centre of the flower with portraits, quotes, or any other creativity as per your decision. Some clients also love to use the combination of sunflower. With another flower-like, Rose, Lily, and daisy, etc. as per their choice. The tattoo in the combination form includes like,

  • skull
  • geometric elements like a triangle, rhombus, etc.
  • butterfly with sunflower
  • and girl’s portraits also can be used with the combination of sunflower.

To obtain a unique and fashionable tattoo design, there must be the use of eye-catching style, trendy styles. You can use some techniques to enhance your tattoo designs like;

  • 3D
  • Old-school
  • Tribal
  • Realistic
  • Watercolor
  • Outline and border
  • Traditional styles etc.

Ideas Of Sunflower Tattoos With Suitable Location On Human Body 

Combination Of Black And Grey Color Sunflower Tattoo On ARM

Black and Grey color sunflower tattoo on ARM

Sunflower tattoo design produces a magnificent view with the combination of a black-grey color. You can use a large flower with a skinny stem along with leaves.

Sunflower Tattoo On The Hand

As you know that hand is the visible part of the body, and maximum women and men like to have a symbol on their hands.

You can use some color to produce the realistic appearance of the sunflower on the side in a small pattern.

Sunflower Tattoo With Girls Head

Woman uses the flower to decorate themselves. A girl’s head with sunflower can be designed as a tattoo.

By this, petals are being fallen and this tattoo can be created at arms with black and grey colors.

Cute Sunflower Tattoo On The Collarbone

Generally, a woman likes to have a tattoo on their Collarbone. This makes them more impressive and attractive in summer.

In this tattoo, you can use two medium size sunflowers with little stem and leaves.

Red-Yellow Colored Sunflower With Blue Background On The Forearm

Red and Yellow-colored sunflower tattoo with a blue background present a fantastic impression on others.

In this combination, the flower represents the Sun, and the blue background represents the sky.

Tattoo In The Combination Of Sunflower With Rose In Dot-Work Style

This design is suitable for the forearms. In this, you can design a sunflower with the rose using as a background with the help of Dot-style.

Cool Sunflower Tattoo On Shoulder Blade

The Combination of two sunflowers on the woman’s shoulder blade gives a gorgeous appearance.

Cool sunflower tattoo on Shoulder Blade

In this design, you can use two flowers, whose stems intersecting with each other.

Small Pattern Sunflower Tattoo Behind The Ear For Boys with Quotes

tattoo behind the ear represents the choice of brave people. This is because it is a painful place to ink. You can use a small sunflower with a little thin stem. Therefore you can also add a meaningful quotation, such that to make it more powerful and attractive.

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