Submit a Design

here’s the DEAL

Every time we sell tattoos or nails YOU design, you get moolah. Sweet, succulent money, cash money – that you can trade for rent, food or candy! Submit your artwork… use our steezy technology to upload your original artwork… then hang out and watch the beer money roll in.

How much beer money? Five-year-olds are darn smart, so we like things that are so simple a five-year-old can understand them.

We pay you $1 for every design we sell and $3 for every set. What’s the difference between a design and a set? Click here to find out!


Your work will be seen worldwide. Like seeing your name in lights, not just pixels? You’ll find Tattify’s wares stocked in 100’s of independent shops and boutique chains, literally all over the world.

Every artist retains full rights to their designs. We respect your work. We know how much artists appreciate this, which is why we’re doing it.

before you upload…

You need to download a submission kit. This kit will help us stay organized with the artwork you supply. It gives you requirements on size and other important features. You’re smart, we believe in you to figure this out. Here, we’ll do this together.

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