Stomach Tattoos After Pregnancy: Will They Be Ruined? Tattoos Stretching In Pregnancy

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One thing you can never anticipate when you get a tattoo is what it will look like in a few year’s time. Our body can go through numerous changes that alter or stretch the tattoo design, and one of these big changes include pregnancy. You might be wondering: will my stomach tattoos be ruined after pregnancy? We dive in and get to the bottom of tattoo stretching during pregnancy.


Stomach Tattoo Stretching is Inevitable While Pregnant

Stretching of tattoos, like fading of tattoos, is inevitable, no matter how well you take care of your skin. During pregnancy, you can’t stop your skin from stretching and growing to fit the child you are carrying, and with this comes the appearance of stretch marks and your skin thinning due to the pressure.

If you have tattoos directly on your stomach, or in any other areas that may be prone to growth during pregnancy, such as thighs, legs, or breasts, you will experience some stretching of your ink. If you have to give birth via C-section, you may also experience permanent scarring on any tattoos located near your abdomen region.

Some women do not experience many changes to their bodies during pregnancy, while others may also experience things such as hyperpigmentation which could impact your tattoos. Since body changes from the hormones of pregnancy are so unique, it’s difficult to anticipate how many of these changes will impact your ink.

If you aren’t yet pregnant but are considering having children in the future, you may want to consider placement carefully prior to committing to a tattoo.

How to Minimize Stomach Tattoo Stretching From Pregnancy

It is nearly impossible to completely prevent the stretching of tattoos during pregnancy, but there are a few ways you can minimize the impact stretching may have on your ink, and to help improve the look of your tattoos after you’ve given birth.

Use High-Quality Products

There are numerous products on the market specially formulated for preventing stretch marks and keeping skin hydrated and nourished during pregnancy. Cocoa butter and shea butter are often reliable anti-allergenic products that could help maintain your skin health.

Drink Water

Not only is it necessary to get your fill of at least two liters of water, everyday, when pregnant, but it also helps your skin stay hydrated. Hydrated skin promotes the elasticity of skin.

Pamper Your Skin

There are pregnancy-safe ways to give your skin an updated spa treatment that will also benefit your tattoos. Consider an exfoliation or a prenatal massage to help increase blood flow to your tattooed area.

Consider Touch Ups

While you can’t get a tattoo during pregnancy due to the risk of infection which could harm or kill the baby, you’re not excluded from a touch up after you’ve given birth! Consider taking before-photos of your tattoo that you know will be heavily impacted due to your pregnancy, and bring that to your artist when you do your consultation.

Remember that if you intend on having more children, you might want to hold off on this option because it will cost you money out of pocket and you’ll just have to repeat it following another pregnancy.

Consider Your Health

Did you know that overweight people who get pregnant are expected to gain less weight during their pregnancy, and skinnier people need to compensate for their thin frame by gaining more weight for the baby? If you intend on getting pregnant, or if you are already pregnant, talk to your doctor about what a healthy amount of weight gain might look like for you, and what changes you can expect to see on your body.

It’s also perfectly safe to do light to moderate exercising during your pregnancy to strengthen and tone your stretching skin.

Consider Tattoo Removal

While tattoo removal cannot safely be done during your pregnancy, if your tattoo is beyond saving after you’ve given birth, tattoo removal is always a safe and available option for you.

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Stretch Mark Cover Up

Sometimes the only impact your tattoo experiences during pregnancy is the presence of stretch marks, and many artists these days do stretch mark touch-ups. This process uses a color similar to your skin tone to blend in the stretch marks and make them practically invisible.

Our Final Thoughts

Stretching, pulling of skin, stretch marks, and weight gain simply can’t be avoided during a healthy pregnancy, and sometimes we cannot anticipate an intent to have children before we actually move forward with our tattoo placement. The best way to handle these changes and protect your ink is to stay hydrated, continue to moisturize and nourish your skin, and speak to your doctor about any concerns you may have. Remember that tattoo removal or a touch up is always an option after you’ve given birth!

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