Star Wars Tattoos

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The word tattoo is believed to have originated from the Samoan word TATAU. The tattoos are art, where the sculptors used to sculpt on human’s body, blaa, blaa, blaa,..,. As everyone knows that tattooing is an art, made for fun, to beautify their bodies on their creativity, some recognized as spiritual and so on.

According to the record, the tattoos are being practiced from Egyptian times. The printing of the tattoos on the mummies by the Egyptians were busy, during the 4th millennium BC. Like that rhyming ?, Coming to the point, Why are those tattoos?

Is there any magical powers going to be revealed on having tattoos ?, or if someone having Marvel characters like Spiderman or Doctor Strange tattoos are going to become like them for real one day. No, if it happens, it may be bizarre. There are some types in tattoos, like COPTIC TATTOOS, PACHAKUTHU, POLYNESIA, TA MOKO, SAMOA, etc..,.

Likewise, there are many tattoo techniques, used around the world. In that specifically, we are going to see the STAR WARS TATTOO. Strange right ?. But, it is not a Strange thing, rather it is the Trending thing from the day, the movie released.

History of the Star Wars Tattoos

The world’s reality is when anything becomes popular, some want to achieve the same, some takes role models in their life, some make the already popular thing, into a different and make it again popular, and again the newly popular thing becomes the trend, and repeats from the beginning.

Likewise, the star war movie’s poster was released on May 25, 1977. A few weeks from the release of the movie, the star wars tattoo celebrated its first birthday.

A little insight

Every corner of the world, there emerged fan followers on each of the characters till now, and still going crazy. The characters like DARTH VADER, C-3PO, AND R2-D2, OBI-WAN, and YODA, are most crazy and favorite of all. The fun is, one cannot resemble the characters of the star war or any super characters in the real world.

But one can inject star war character tattoos on their body compromising their sadness for not being like star war characters in the real world. The trend of creating different designs of star war became so popular, around the globe, even the popularity of creating different tattoos of star wars, maybe touched the star war’s universal planets like HOTH, TATOOINE, CORUSCANT, etc..,.

Some believe that the star war tattoos keep remembering their childhood days. Even today, if you question someone like TELL ME ABOUT STAR WARS?, they used to say these words like, “when I was in childhood..(default words from the older ones)..the character which threatens me is Darth Vader”, like, how many times they saw that series, and the character they fell in love with the very first star war movies are still rolling in their minds. The fever of tattooing of star wars is so stylish, and some consider it is a respect to the star wars. The star wars tattoo is of different kinds, and they are unique, creative, colorful, fashioned.

Star Wars Tattoo Ideas & Best Design

The tattoo ideas are always would be rolling among the craziest fans. Where to put this character and in what design?, In which part of the body the tattoo looks fashionable and trendy?. The most popular tattooing part and now is trending is the sleeve tattooing. Some put their tattoos mostly at the backside of the body, on their legs and in their chests.

The most popularly used character is the Darth Vader, Obi-Wan, and Yoda, they are mostly created with different designs and unique ideas, which attracts for sure. Now, let’s take a look among the best tattoos of star wars.

Darth Vader

This tattoo is considered to be the most popular one, which is tattooed at the back of a person. When seeing the dark side of the Darth Vader, this tattoo attracts for sure. The famous line said by the Darth Vader “I FIND YOUR LACK OF FAITH DISTURBING,” along with the tattoo if it is tattooed, it will surely attract the people and becomes the trend.

Shoulder Tattoo

In this type, the star war’s character wearing the suit’s shoulder part is made as a tattoo. It looks like an armor, and this type of idea or design would be great to attract the people or girlfriends (if any).

Obi-Wan & Yoda Tattoo

This tattoo when made in the forearms or shoulder, or both the right and left arms, it would be great. One on the right and other on the left. This tattooing of characters makes an impression.

Lego Star Wars Tattoo

We all know that there is the latest movie with positive reviews named LEGO STAR WARS released in 2012. And still, now, the lego tattooing became more popular and also considered to be one of the best star wars tattoo. The lego star wars tattooing is one of the most trending tattoos according to people’s opinion.


Since in olden days, there were no lego types. So, whatever may the newer comes, but the word always suits here saying “OLD IS GOLD,” which means old never dies.

All in All, these were the best Star Wars tattoos that you can find online. We are constantly updating our ideas and designs. If you want to contribute to any other design, you can contact us.

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