Star Tattoos

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Star tattoos are very elegant to see and present themselves as a delegate of your inner personality and conviction. A simple depiction of the five-pointed figure shows itself in all its glory and captivates a unique cuteness in itself.

These designs are pretty cool and usually a right preference for your first ink piece, primarily because of its small size in design and need not be intricate.

Earlier star tattoos were commonly inked by sailors only. But this is no longer the case. People from different walks of life now prefer this delicate yet straightforward tattoo design. However, some more category of tattoos might overcome star tattoos

Everything You Need to Know About Star Tattoos

The star itself is one of the oldest classical cryptograms, and it has always been depicted as an essential image in many religions and cultures. When human being had no idea of their meanings and significance, they were still lovable by humans.

If we speak in the context of ancient times, humans always looked up into the sky and would try to explain unto themselves the superlative view, with the help of myths and religion. The stars are universal cryptograms and need not be particularly attached to any specific religion or culture.

Significance of Star Tattoos

The star tattoos can have many different meanings to plenty of unique people.

Most of the people associate star tattoos with high goals, achievement, persistence, hope, protection or any other illuminating and auspicious event in their lives.

A simple single star tattoo itself can hold a substantial meaning, making a fabulous and dynamic statement, also considering the future aims of the individual. The shining shooting star formation tattoos are too trendy, precisely because of their long-lasting impression of romance and any other unique thing.

Trends in Star Tattoos Right Now

Male and female have different star tattoos designs which are prearranged for them. For females, the shooting star formation is very lovable as that looks feminine, whereas guys mostly go for the nautical stars which have a strong impression.

Star tattoo designs can be made as a single star, solitary star, or a complete assemblage of small stars, celestial or nautical designs.

The designs for star tattoos are very flexible and can combine themselves with wings, skulls, the moon and the sun, scroll, flowers, butterflies, fairies or any other image that can come up to your mind, and the star tattoo will mesh itself up with it pretty well. Overall it creates a unique tattoo of your personality.

Placement of Star tattoos

Star tattoos placements have no such restrictions and have a lot of options on their locations. As for being a female, a small string of stars can be created on foot. You can also get them past your ankle to enhance a sexy appeal. They may be made on the wrist or behind the ear, on the back, the shoulders or the side of the body. Even an assemblage of small stars of the fingers looks cute.

Some Beautiful Star Tattoos Designs Ideas

A collection of variable sized stars, plenty of them which is drawn across the side of the female body looks stunning. Some of the stars among these have double layers, and some of these nude stars have dark effects on the outer area.

A massive star tattoo in which some beautiful words are inscribed in it, such as friendship, freedom, family, tolerance, integrity, love, which makes up for a brilliant idea.

A robust star tattoo design. Mainly involves a massive star unto which the galaxy has been precisely inserted. Given the fine details of the universe within, this tattoo design is unique and astounding.

Stars of different sizes covering one whole arm. There is a unique variety of the colors used in various stars, and also some of them are pure solids, with a few only borderline stars are mixed in between. This work has enhancing appearance.

Name within the stars. Your name could be inked precisely in between an assemblage of nautical uncolored stars.

Nude stars design with navy blue effects, which are precisely drawn upon the skin. The tattoo could be meshed up with a beautiful butterfly or heart images.

Star Tattoos Body Areas Placements

You can get the Start tattoos in different places. It could be above the breast area, near the shoulder. Also, you could ink them in a shooting star tattoo design, made precisely. Preferably for the females, the feminine colors could be employed in this design. A double layer of swirly lines around the tattoo enhances its look and also creates a much more beautiful effect.

A simple single star painted in blue, with spots of white inside it to make it look having more shining stars within. It could depict shooting stars in the sky.

The assemblage of shooting star tattoos drawn on the forearm with a filigree design. It could be meshed up with different water colors, not necessarily within the borders, a beautiful splatter of colors. Also, a single, double layered black star on the shoulder, encompassed by dots and filigree design.

A star could tattoo on the ribs, that is on the side of the girl’s body. Some ambitious lines could be added to it like “When you are chasing dreams it is never by the books.”

Some pretty colored stars could be hanging from the cloud. Sunflowers inserted into a large star tattoo.

Also, a simple assemblage of stars drawn from the ribs to the lower stomach area. Purple stars assembling with a pretty swallow drawn, which is surrounded by the stars, on the side of the body.

Star Tattoos Designs for Women

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