Snake Tattoos

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Snakes and humankind are intimately related to each other right from historical or mythical antiquity. Right from the First Temptation of Eve, snakes have dominated the imagination of humanity like no other. We will be exploring snake tattoo designs in this article.

The snake tattoo designs represent dominant traits, both psychologically and symbolically – temptation, crookedness, sneakiness, desire, seduction, powerfully evocative nature. All these attributes of the snake made this creature famous in the tattoo world. The tattoo acts as an emblem of the personality of its bearer. Snake Tattoo designs have become immensely popular in pop culture from the 1970s. Snake tattoo designs are symbolically enjoyed both positively and negatively.

Symbolism Of The Snake tattoo

The symbolism of the snake as a Danger is the commonest one since they are often misunderstood for their defense mechanism. But they are basically shy of the human-world. Snakes bite only when human indulges with them for any reason.

They are the creatures of the dark realm of mysticism and often portray Darkness. But in many cultures, it has also been considered as positive, virtuous, and good light.

Evil or sound, the snakes, are exceptional, must say!

Snakes shed skins as a part of their life-cycle. This act can be depicted to represent a rebirth or transformation in Pagan mythology. Like a tattoo, the snake tattoo designs can similarly represent shedding off the dark past in life-giving yourself a brand new life.

“Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again.”

-Gautama Buddha

Snake Tattoo Designs

Snakes and Life tattoo

The Ouroboros (ancient Egyptian symbol depicting a snake biting its tail) also represents the infinite circle, reincarnation, renewal, and the never-ending cycle of birth and re-birth. Nothing ever ends—the eternal aspect of the Universe. And that would be a tattoo idea with a profound meaning!

Snake is considered as a universal symbol of healing, because of the ancient mythological character Asclepius, who was known as the God Healer. The serpent is also perceived as medicine. The two snakes are popularly seen on the ambulance, going up the Caduceus, also known as the Staff of Hermes, represents that venom can also be healing. Go for it to get and give some healing vibes!

Rose And Snake tattoo

Another trendy tattoo is that of Rose and Snake. This tattoo is the zenith of temptation and seduction. Rose stands for love, affection, and spiritual intimacy, while the snake acts as a symbol of seduction and sexual passion.

Many international myths speak of the snake being the protectors. They the guardians of the underworld. The snake has a profound image of being the ultimate barrier between earth-life and paradise. If you have that protecting attribute, the tattoo will speak for you.

Snake and Skull tattoo

A trendy tattoo is the snake tattoo and the skull tattoo. The skull stands as a reminder of death, mortality, and decay, while the snake stands for birth, re-birth, and prosperity. In a nutshell, such a tattoo stands as a symbolic representation of life as a whole.

To the Native Americans and the Africans, snakes appear as sacred creatures. A tattoo of a rattlesnake would mean a symbol of rain and lightning to them. Also, it could mean the creation of the universe.

The snake has both masculine and feminine traits, which make them a popular subject among both genders. The female characters include grace and sensuousness. On the other hand, male characters include protectiveness and power. Hence, the snake tattoo design is a common theme of tattoo for both men and women.

Chinese Astrology Regarding Snake Tattoo

In Chinese Astrology, Snake is a significant zodiac sign out of 12. If your birth year is 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 or 2013, then the snake is for you!

The Chinese don’t find them danger or evil. Instead, they focus on the snake’s secretive way of lifestyle.

Eagle and Snake tattoo

The tattoo of the eagle and the snake- either in conflict or intertwined- depict the human dilemma of choosing between the right and the temptation.

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