Can You Smoke Weed Before Getting A Tattoo? Marijuana And Tattoos

Written by: Pete

Whether it’s a solution to combat your anxiety or a way to reduce your sensation of pain, you may be wondering if you should smoke weed before getting a tattoo. But is it a good idea to get high before heading into your session? Read this article before you take a hit.


Advantages of Smoking Weed Before Getting a Tattoo

Most people who are casual or frequent marijuana users understand the benefits of this drug. It can:

  • Calm your nerves
  • Silence your anxiety
  • Stop shaking in people with tremor issues
  • Reduce your sensation of pain
  • Distract you from hyper-fixation
  • Reduces stress levels

Of course, all of these sound very tempting when it comes to heading into your first tattoo session, or maybe for an extremely large piece that has you a bit anxious. But should you do it?

The answer is a solid: no.

Disadvantages of Smoking Weed Before Getting a Tattoo

Regardless of whether marijuana is a legal or illegal substance in your state, getting high before heading into your tattoo session is considered being under the influence, like alcohol or heavy prescription medications

Someone who is under the influence is determined to be not in the right frame of mind for a tattoo, and any reputable shop will immediately turn you away from your tattoo session. In order to protect their licenses, certifications, and the reputation of the parlor, tattoo artists will likely determine that smoking marijuana could:

  • Impact your decision making or ability to understand the tattoo process
  • Have adverse effects and cause an increase in anxiety
  • Cause memory loss which leads to you being disappointed in your placement or completed piece
  • Lead to a lawsuit that puts the shop at risk
  • Lead to an increase in blood pressure which is common with marijuana usage, which could complicate the tattooing process

In addition to all this, International Highlife states, “Oftentimes, people who smoke marijuana go from being cautious, as they should be, to over-thinking their tattoos, flip-flopping on ideas, or their tattoo placement, and then when the needle hits the skin, they can potentially overthink the experience and get freaked out. I’ve seen it happen a few times.”

There are sobriety requirements that include signing a waiver of liability prior to being tattooed, and being even a little bit high goes against these rules and regulations.

If you want to avoid being kicked out of your appointment, skip the weed.

Can I Smoke Weed After My Tattoo?

There are no known complications to the healing process of a tattoo from smoking weed, and some people swear by the pain relief after the adrenaline has worn off. If you choose to smoke marijuana after your tattoo, be aware that it may impair your decision-making skills or impact your awareness, putting your vulnerable tattoo at risk.

What the Experts Say About Smoking Weed Before A Tattoo

Most tattoo artists who respect their profession and want to maintain the reputation of their shop will advise you against getting stoned before your tattoo session. If this is something you are truly considering despite the chance that your session could be complicated or you could risk your appointment slot entirely, speak to your tattoo artist and get their insight on the matter to play it safe.

Our Final Thoughts

A tattoo is a lifelong, permanent commitment, and having a clear and sober mind is essential to this process. By smoking weed before your tattoo, or eating an edible, you put your entire appointment at risk. If it’s truly necessary, it’s best to save getting high for after your session, where the impact of the drugs will be just as effective on managing the pain after your adrenaline drops.

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