Small Tattoos - 100+ Ideas, Designs, Tips

Written by: Jason White

Small tattoos are very popular thanks to their ability to be incredibly meaningful despite their small size. You have numerous options when considering getting this kind of tattoo—you can choose one that carries. Even if you opt for just a simple small tattoo, you can choose among those with deep meaning or even funny-looking ones. Here, you can experiment and choose what you like more.

Small tattoos can be done in black or colored tattoo ink. Some commonly requested tattoos are images of animals such as beautiful, delicate birds and symbolic insects, simple patterns, and inscriptions.

The advantages of small tattoos are:

  • They are cheap.
  • They do not require much effort from the tattoo artist.
  • These tattoos are almost painless.

Small tattoos are filled out in just a few minutes. In addition, the process of removing them is as easy as their application.

We have gathered some small tattoo ideas and sketches for your future cool and unique tattoo.

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Small Tattoo Ideas

For Men

For Women

Women’s small tattoos are always symbolic—from delicate, colorful designs and symbols (hearts are popular) to harsh, jagged patterns in the blackwork and geometric styles.

Meaningful Small Tattoos

A small tattoo often carries profound meaning. Sometimes, these tattoos also serve as reminders of important memories.

Small Tattoos for Couples

By nature, paired tattoos are often miniature, and we’ve gathered some original couple tattoo ideas for you. Such images usually hold a shared, significant meaning for two people.

Small Flower Tattoos

For Fingers

You can get miniscule tattoos on your fingers such as letters, geometric shapes, rings, flowers, other symbols. Finger tattoos always look very cool!

Behind the Ear

An original and comfortable place for tattooing is behind the ear.

One the Neck

On The Wrist

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