Sleeve Tattoos For Women

Written by: Pete

By ensuring that we are out of earshot from the haughty, judgmental aunties whose IQ range less than average, more often than not, let us begin discussing a very taboo subject in today’s world; tattoos on women, specifically, the sleeve-type. Let’s explore the various pros, cons, opinions, variants, and the future related to sleeve tattoos for women.

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Bizarre About Sleeve Tattoos For Women

It is bizarre how plastic, usually designer inked markings on bodies, provide a basis for the unlimited and incessant passing of unwanted opinions which classify the bearer (if feminine, in gender) as “un-sanskaari,” lesbian, and in extreme cases, mentally retarded!

But also at places of worship. It is quite a despicable prospect that some people force their orthodox mentality onto even creative outlets. This is because on-lookers do not realize that it requires a massive amount of forethought and commitment to get something tattooed, and is usually not a reckless, spur-of-the-moment decision. Once they recognize this as a fact, it becomes a more peaceful setting for everybody.

Impact On Health

But let us not forget about the sleeve of medical problems tattoos carry along with them, ranging from ink toxicity, inflammation, irritation, and acute allergic immune responses, to non-viability as a blood donor, which is an issue if the patient requires it from a tattooed mother. Additionally, the procedure of the removal of a tattoo is a painful and cumbersome process. In retrospect, if she is somehow able to surpass these obstacles, tattoos are the ultimate display of creativity for the world to admire.

Sleeve Tattoos For Women Everywhere!

With the rise in the popularity of tattoo trends, sleeve tattoos for women have gained steadily on the preference scale for women due to various factors such as notice-ability and expression of self – confidence. Sleeve tattoos for women usually cover either a part of the whole of a limb.

They can be quarter, half, or full. Also, they either adorn the arm or leg and range from dainty forearm circlets, to pull-up sock lookalikes, to those which envelope the entire arm, essentially mimicking the look of a full-sleeve. They require patience, talent, and creativity.

The final result is the proud handiwork, which displays the prowess and vision of the tattooist and receiver, respectively. It portrays an immense self-confidence within herself. A receiver can choose whether or not she wants to share this part of herself with everybody by opting to end the tattoo short right before she wears a watch, which enables her to cover herself with clothing in any “required” situation.

Carrying Sleeve Tattoos For Women

Sleeve tattoos for women are frequently symbolic. They depict what their wearer wants. Wearers can opt to let their creativity run wild and experiment with shapes, patterns, color palettes, and themes. Typically, roses or flowers signify delicateness, elements of nature mean power, musical notes portray songs that she holds dear to her heart, and letters of the alphabet or dates are usually associated with somebody that is beloved. A tattoo may also combine and use both imagery and words. Like a quote, for example, for a more trendy and hipster look.

She may also choose to get somebody’s face as a portrait on her skin! Different tattoos hold different meanings to people. Usually, a full sleeve of tattoos implies the thirst for ink and needle connecting to her skin. The desire to use her exposed skin as a canvas, to show the world that she herself is a living, breathing piece of artwork. Sleeve tattoos may extend onto her back or torso as well if she wishes so. A particular example of this is Hikae. It is a Japanese style incorporating the coverage of the chest area extending to the elbow or wrist.

Sleeve tattoos have lashed for the apparent . By ‘’stripping of femininity’’ if females wear them. This is a belief because of the fact that sleeve tattoos are predominantly seen on macho, muscular men that ride bikes. This absurd assumption can be countered by the fact that the wearer of such a sleeve tattoos for women herself deliberately wishes for that kind of a look. Also, if it makes her appear more masculine, then so be it! If such sexism persists even in neutral areas such as tattoos, we can’t go very far ahead.


Some discussions have gone on to say about so many things. Indeed, some tattoos do serve as a substitute for full-body clothing. How this might concern somebody is wholly inexplicable. But let us wrap up this lengthy discourse with a few concluding words. These will try out these sleeve tattoos for women.

If somebody is sure of something, that she wants permanently embedded onto her skin; Then the only person that can stop her from expressing her creativity in the form of a tattoo is herself!

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