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Are you looking for Skull Tattoos? The Skull symbol of death and decay. Tattoos are drawn to show one personality and attitude. The taste of choosing the tattoo varies from person to person. Skull tattoo design is one of the coolest designs which have several meanings. It is the bony structure which forms ahead in all vertebrates. Moreover, it plays the significant role in the protection of brain and to fix the position of eye, ears, etc.

Most of us assume that the symbol of the skull represents scary, morbid and death. But the skull initially symbolizes power, fearlessness, and rigid. Also, people who choose a skull tattoo show that they have no fear of death.

History of Skull Tattoos

skull tattoos

The word skull is derived from the Old Norse ‘Skalli’ which represents bald. The image of the skull is first used to describe death or danger, and it looks in the form of skull and crossbones. As time passed, mostly bikers and pirates used to ink the symbol of the skull to represent their fearlessness. Moreover, Pirates use the symbol of the skull on their Jolly Roger Flags during the 17th and 18th centuries. In the past, the only meaning for skull tattoo is frightening.

At present many youngsters started choosing skull tattoo which has the variety of meanings in life. Also, skull tattoos are considered a tradition in Christianity, and it symbolizes eternity. They also mean that human remains left behind after the soul leaves. In Kabbalah culture, they consider skull as uplifting ingratitude of the death of a loved one, or it represents the rebirth.

Meaning of Skull Tattoo

The skull tattoo has various sensors, and it varies according to the design and the belief among multiple cultures. Mexican considers the skull as the symbol of the famous festival in which the dead are respected, and honored. American tribes believe that the symbol of bull skull means life-long protection from enemies. The symbol shows that the life of the human is immortal and one day every life will come to an end. Also, it is the symbol of the carnival of life. Moreover, the meaning of the famous skull and rose tattoo is the life is with both beauty and decay, good and evil.

Skull Tattoo trend

Most energetic and fearless youngsters made a trend of printing the skull tattoo on their chest, arm, shoulder, back, and neck. New trends have risen in these days by modifying the image of the skull just like the smashed skull, colorful skull and much more.

Men mostly prefer the skull tattoos due to its characteristics and scary look. Now the trend has changed, the skull can be printed on both the masculine and feminine body. The skull design for girls comes with pink or purple bows with the smooth edges. Most women prefer skull tattoo which holds the heart in place of the eye of the skull.

Placement of Skull Tattoo

It is a versatile design and you can place it anywhere on the body. Most excellent places for skull tattoos are back, wrist, arm, legs, hip, and neck. The new trend in skull tattoo is including the text along with the skull. If you wish to add colors in skull look into skull flower designs.

Types of Skull Tattoo in market

Now that you know where to place your tattoo, here are all the various types of Skull Tattoos that you can get for yourself. Apart from the traditional skull tattoos on your arms, or matching couple tattoosfinger tattoos, you can get it anywhere.

#1 Sugar Skull Tattoo

People usually get the Sugar Skull Tattoo in the representation of the famous festival celebrated in Mexico named The Day of Dead. In the festival, every family creates the skull design using candy or sugar and are eaten by them. It is made and presented to give respect to the dead ones.

#2 Skull Love Tattoo

The love symbol in the skull tattoo represents the adventurous nature of love which is most popular with both men and women. The design looks like the skull with two crossbones, and the eye of the skull is two red hearts.

#3 Deer Skull tattoo

The meaning behind the Deer Skull tattoo is the human transition from the physical body to the spiritual body that is the stability of life and death.

#4 Flower Skull Tattoo

The floral skull design looks good with the combination of the skull, crossbones, and flowers like roses, lotus, and cherry blossoms. Also, it is a cool design that depends on taste and needs.

$5 Morbid Skull Tattoo

It holds the meaning of strength and confidence. The design is made from a 3D technique. The design gives the scary feel. The Morbid design also includes the smashed skull which represents the end of the past and beginning of a new future.

#6 Bull Skull Tattoo

Not only the human skull, but the bull skull can also be inked on the body. The meaning behind the scary bull skull is that the people do what they love to do.

#7 Tribal Skull Tattoo

It shows the bravery and power of the men who can be drawn anywhere on the body. Moreover, it is one of the favorite designs preferred by men.

Final Words

Skull tattoos are most famous among many celebrities. Pirate lovers too ink the skull design on their body. Matching skull tattoo designs are favorite among the couples where the girl and boy have the same design, but the girl will ink it in different girly colors. Plenty of ideas and designs have risen in drawing the skull on the body.

Finally, the skull with other combinations of flowers and heart will give the feeling that life has both a positive and negative side. And combining the skull with other images will represent one’s confidence, strength, power, and courage in life. If you are looking for the best tattoo design, then skull tattoo will be a cool one for sure.

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