Shoulder Tattoos

Written by: Pete

Tattoos are not very new in the society of human being. It is an ancient art form traditions, and the people practice it for many centuries. But now this art form is modernized by today’s tattoo artist. The most common parts of people get tattoos are on their hands, shoulder, back, neck, ankle, fingers and some people even get tattoos on their sensitive organs too. Some people are so crazy about getting inked they tattooed their whole body. Some are also temporary and permanent, but the removal methods of permanent tattoos are so painful and costly.

The best parts of the body to get a tattoo is: This can vary through fashion trends to wear on the body get a tattoo, some person has a tattoo on their particular body part and post it, and that causes the people to get inspired to get tattooed on that body part of theirs too. But somebody parts remain the most picked when it’s time to get inked, these body parts are like hands, shoulders, back, neck, arms, fingers, legs, and ankles. These are the most common picks between both men and women. Most women like to get inked on their wrists, ankle, and ear or behind the ear, inner arm and bicep, fingers, back or shoulder, and neck. While, in the case with men they like to get inked on their chest, lower leg, ribs, back, biceps, upper arm, and inner forearm. Some people get even crazier to get inked on their lips, near their eyes and inside their lower lips. And some people got even more insane and got inked on their sensitive organs too.

Shoulder Tattoos Designs & Ideas

But there are standard designs and common parts people like to get a tattoo is that are shoulder and neck. Shoulder tattoos are nowadays getting so popular among youngsters, and it looks better for both men and women. The size of the shoulder tattoo can be small and large, and there are many designs in common to choose from. And people can flawlessly flaunt their shoulder tattoos very quickly, more in the time of the summer season.

The most common and famous designs of shoulder tattoos for everyone are:

  1. Floral designs – The flower designs on the shoulder looks so pretty. Both in black and white and colored dyed tattoos. Floral designs look fabulous on the shoulders.
  2. Combination designs tattoos – People often choose to get shoulder tattoos and combine it with getting tattoos on sleeves and half front chest to make it for beautiful and vast with lots of details in it.
  3. Eagle tattoos – It is very common in both men and women to get an eagle tattoo on their shoulder. And with all the details of the design of the eagle, it looks wonderful.
  4. Roses – Both men and women get inked their shoulders with the rose design, and sometimes they choose only darker black and white rose, and sometimes they choose to color the rose. Like the rose, it is a symbol of beauty, and it looks more complimenting on people’s shoulders.
  5. Fearless lion – Some people love to get an animal tattoo on their body, and most common animal they choose is the lion, the lion is brave, courageous and flawless. And many people want the design of the lion of their shoulder, and it looks utterly beautiful to get inked with a lion tattoo on the shoulder.
  6. Geometric shapes and flowers – Some people love to get geometric shapes inked on their shoulder like two geometric fishes swimming in the harmony and geometric wolf or deer.
  7. Proper and meaning quotes – A quote tattoo to represent the thinking of the people is just beautiful to see, and they look flawlessly beautiful on the shoulder of the people.
  8. Chinese dragons and pictorial designs – Beauty adds on the shoulder when someone gets inked with a beautiful and colorful dragon on their shoulder and as the Chinese language is pictorial and symbolic language people love to get inked on their shoulder with quotes in the Chinese language.
  9. Butterfly – Butterflies are stars in the eyes of tattoos. People love to get a tattoo of a butterfly on their shoulder. The size of the tattoo might be small and large, but it looks so high on the person’s shoulder.

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