Samoan Tattoos

Written by: Pete

Tattoos can spice up our life, our style. Each tattoo has its meaning. There are many people; tattoos very influence especially the youths. The tattoo is nothing but just a way to show of ourselves; instead, I can say our style. But the tattoo is an art and art means culture. Samoan tattoos are one of them. These tattoos are shown as a form of art and culture. Samoan tattoos are representing the status of man and women in Samoan society. There are different kinds of Samoan tattoos.

Best Samoan Tattoos Designs Ideas

Light Tattoos – Women is Samoan society usually have bright tattoos. Most of the Samoan tattoos are used to show the class and status of people in Samoan culture. But, women in Samoan society are considered as inferior to boys. That’s why these light tattoos are used much by women. But this kind of tattoos is now in trend so you can give it a try.

Samoan Sleeve Tattoos – IF you are a bodybuilder kind of a person then you should give it a try.. This can enhance your personality. This kind of tattoos is done on the left shoulder. These kind of tattoos are a mixture of different artistic symbols.

Samoan Leg Tattoos – Having a cool tattoo on your leg can look stylish and different as well. Samoan leg tattoos are slightly another type of tattoo. If you want you can hide it as well. This kind of tattoo is a mixture of different signs. One can extend it as long as they want.

Face Tattoos – Face is the most crucial part of our body. We all want to look beautiful. If you are a bold kind of a person, then you should give it a try. You can do this as long as you want. One can even look cute in this tattoo.

Samoan Tribal Tattoos – These tattoos are very special as it is directly connected to Samoan culture. Tattoos are a kind of art for Samoan people. Tribal tattoos include various element to showcase different aspects. Long strokes have been done in this tattoo to form the shape of a ribbon. These tattoos can be placed anywhere according to your choice.

Traditional Samoan Tattoos – Traditional things are always something different. This is something unique. These tattoos are done in the middle part of our body. Sometimes it can also start from the waist. Several elements are included in this tattoo like shark teeth. Shark teeth are used to show power and courage. Not only that it also represents the god and power of the society. The modern era is all about adventure. You should give it try to explore yourself.

Tikki – This is another form of Samoan tattoo which is very interesting. Elements such as miniature human figures are used in this tattoo. These tattoos are used to Depict the image of protection. It also includes many body parts such as face, eyes, nose, ears, etc. Thee things are used to signify different meaning. These tattoos are quite popular among people.

Ocean And Waves – Samoan is an island. A sea is a place where they can find peace. For the beach is a symbol of life. So in this kind of tattoo one describe their experience not only that you can also your portray your views on life. These tattoos are presented with a line by showing the wave. It shows the ups and downs of waves in the ocean and experience as well.

Depiction of the Sun – Sun is always regarded as a source of energy. Not only that it also a symbol of leadership. The image of the sun is not directly shown in this kind of tattoo. Sun is symbolized in another way like the sun is in the center, and other things are rotating around him; this thing signifies the cycle of life.

Enata – Enata is something which is very promising. This is a very pure and straightforward kind of a tattoo. This tattoo expresses the relationship between god and the people. Not only that some crucial factors like long life, family, good health are also shown.

The tattoo is creativity. Creativity comes from history and culture. Samoan tattoos are something which is not only used for a show of. Different types of tattoos have various meanings. Each of them symbolizes different thing through different gestures.Sa moan tattoos represent the personality of the people. So one should try this idea.

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