Rose Tattoos

Written by: Pete

Are you looking for Rose Tattoos? A Rose may be the most straightforward yet most elegant tattoo you can get. Even though the meaning of the rose tattoo changes according to the different variations of roses that are tattooed. It is mainly thought of representing love or beauty. But the qualities of a rose tattoo is not limited. Just like its popularity, the interpretations of a rose tattoo are also broad and different. Very minute differences can immensely change the meaning of the simple rose. For example the definition of a rose tattoo changes based on whether the rose is closed, open, or if its a bud. Even the number of petals on a rose can be decided based on numerology.

A rose may be the first choice for a lot of people who wish to have their first tattoo. And it’s not uncommon since a rose is one of the things on this planet that is considered as a synonym for beauty. Everyone admires beauty in nature and copying it on your skin is like having a part of that beauty in you. Everyone is beautiful. And a rose mirrors both inner and outer beauty. One described by the looks and the other defined by the qualities. The rose is something that posses both these with perfection.

History of Rose Tattoos

The history of roses dates back to the ancient Greeks. The Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, is depicted with roses on her body. The Greeks believed that rose was originally white and it was the blood of Aphrodite that turned them red. It is said that Aphrodite cut herself on a rose thorn causing the white rose to bloom blood red. So in connection with this belief, roses were considered the symbol of pure and immortal love. Rose symbolized all the qualities of love Aphrodite stood for.

Rose tattoos are popular since the early 1930’s. Sailors at first tattooed them. Sailors liked roses for their feminine qualities. These qualities were used to represent the girlfriend, wife or even the mother of the sailor. Remembering these women who bring peace and love to their life was essential for them too. It helped them ease the rough life on seas.

Meaning of Rose Tattoos

The rose tattoo can be interpreted with different views based on how it is depicted. For example, an average single rose without thorns represents pure love. But when there are thorns on the rose, it represents sacrifices or loss regarding love. You may include a rose along with the image of a loved one. You can even tattoo a whole bouquet of roses. A rose plant with more than one flower is also a possibility.

There are a huge number of different ways in which you can get a rose tattoo. And all of those are based on small details or changes that you make. If you think a pure common rose is enough it’s still okay. Because however, you depict a rose, its beauty does not change. But what does change is the meaning of the tattoo as a whole.

A few ordinary meaning attributed to rose tattoos are given below:

Rose (without thorns) represents Promise, Hope, Love, Passion, New Beginning, etc.

Rose (with thorns) represents Defence, Loss, Sacrifice, Death of a loved one, etc.

Different Colours of Roses

One more important thing about the rose tattoo is that colors matter., From the medieval times onwards different colors of roses were given a different meaning. And even today there exists classification of roses based on their color.

A few standard colors of roses that are tattooed and their meanings are:

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