Ring Tattoos

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Are you looking for cute wedding Ring Tattoos? With the rising trend of tattoos, the art of inking one’s body with indelible ink has gained popularity, driving tattoo artists to reinvent styles and designs. Tattoos can be inked on various parts of the body canvas.

The region of the body depends on the size and design of the chosen tattoo. Elaborate and detailed tattoos require a large surface to be prominent and attractive. Smaller minimalistic tattoo designs can be inscribed over smaller regions, like the neck, wrist, ankle, feet and around the fingers.

The Trend of Ring Tattoos

The tattoos around the fingers constitute ring tattoos. They look sexy, cool, attractive, bold and beautiful with the correct design that suits your personality. The fingers are the most visible part of the body. Hence the designs should be well thought out and decided. From Pamela Anderson, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna to Collin Farrell, all sport ring tattoos.

Ring tattoos are a sign of commitment and love. It can also be a fashion accessory. Metallic rings are being fast replaced by inked rings, that last a lifetime without the fear of being lost.

Types of Ring Tattoos

  • Matching couple wedding band ring tattoos. Also, tattoos that look like wedding bands and symbolize love and devotion shared by a couple for each other.
  • Wedding date tattoos with your most special date inked in black, wrapped around the fingers.
  • Skull ring tattoo design to suit your dark moods. Done in black and grey ink in sketch style.
  • Heart ring tattoos design with black or red heart, done in ink and shaped like a ring around the fingers.
  • Pink bow ring tattoo inked around the fingers, with equal sized knots. Bows are incredibly feminine and delicate, thus a popular choice amongst women.
  • Crown ring tattoos, where a crown is inked in black or color, detailed and in Victorian style. It symbolizes royalty, leadership, and power.
  • Diamond ring tattoos designs. Simple, elegant, minimalistic, neat and done in outlines. Diamond tattoos look royal and beautiful and can be done in color.

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Ring Tattoos Designs & Ideas

Colorful and fun nautical wedding bands, of conventional symbols like the compass, steering wheel, and anchors.

One of the most common ring designs amongst couples is the infinity cool tattoo ideas like ring tattoo. Also, they signify everlasting love and royalty, it can be done in various styles and colors.

Ring tattoos with words like love believe, trust and similar powerful words or phrases inked around the fingers. Also, quotes of your favorite poems or texts inked in black around the fingers in the form of a ring.

Feather ring tattoo, deep in symbolism and cultural heritage, it is a common choice of design. A feather is a part of the bird. Hence a feather symbolizes freedom, the ability to take flight spiritually, emotionally and creatively.

Zodiac sign ring tattoo, if you believe in astronomy and horoscope, or are interested in it. One’s zodiac holds deep meaning for them.

Ancient symbols that look cool as well as mystical. Musical notes, to signify your love for music. Also, the moon, waves, sun, flowers and trees, the various elements of nature.

Placement of Ring Tattoos

Ring tattoos around the fingers are painful. Inking them on a region of thin tissue, nerves, and bone, in the absence of muscle and fat, is risky. You can get it on any of the fingers. Also, the choice of finger depends on the type of tattoos. Wedding band tattoos will be inked around the ring finger and others around any of the remaining digits. The tattoos can be done around the entire finger, or the top part, or only the sides, to shape like a semi-circle.

Ring tattoos are an excellent choice for both men and women who can’t wear metallic rings, for some allergic condition or otherwise. However, fingers are amongst those parts of the body that are most frequently in use. Hence the permanence of a ring tattoo is highly unlikely. The ink starts fading after a point of time and looks blurry. Therefore it is advisable to use simple, fuss-free designs for the fingers that will not make your fingers look ugly with time.

Instead of choosing an elaborate ring design, opt for simple symbols that hold some special meaning for you. These tattoos need proper aftercare routine which has to be followed with care. Keeping your hand clean and away from chemicals is one of the primary points.

Ring tattoos are both personal and unique in contrast to real rings. One can customize their ring tattoos to give it special meaning and also choose from a variety of designs.

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