Realistic Realism Tattoos

Written by: Jason White

The realism tattoo style of tattooing is characterized by maximizing the life-like quality of a drawing. As such, realism tattoos are very popular and effective. While the style is especially popular today, it first emerged in the mid-19th century. So we can safely say that realism is a timeless trend.

Important! Realistic tattoos are the most complex kind of tattoo art as it requires exceptional skill. If it is difficult to make a photographic drawing on paper or canvas, its application to the skin is even harder. Not all tattoo artists can achieve the effect of a “live drawing”. Therefore, before you entrust your body to a tattoo artist, you should look at their portfolio. The artist must have excellent drawing techniques to give the image depth and a realistic look.

Realistic Tattoo Ideas

Realistic Tattoo Features

  • The most important thing in realism is an almost perfect resemblance to reality.
  • Relatively infrequent use of color. Very few artists can work well with color in this style. This is due to the ability of color to overshadow the graphics deemed very important in this style.\
  • However, there remain masters who can well achieve realism using colors!
  • The choice of topics for images is unlimited. Hence, there is a lot of room for creativity and one’s imagination to run wild.
  • Large-size images work best for it to look realistic.
  • Typically, work on such a tattoo is carried out in several stages because the specialist carefully designs every detail, stroke, and layer.

Popular Realistic Tattoo Designs

Portraits of people are extremely popular in realism styles. They can be images of loved ones or favorite celebrities. Portraits are followed by images of a human body and subjects related to a person.

Artists also often depict nature, ships, and animals.

You can also opt for fictional characters for it to be Fantasy Realism.

Perhaps the most difficult subtype of realism tattoos are those done to create a 3D effect using special techniques. Such tattoos look especially realistic.

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