Medium Custom Temporary Tattoo - Up To 3" X 4" (2 copies)



Our custom tattoos are awesome, although a little different from the regular designs in our store. They can be an image, words or both. Here's a few things to note before purchasing your custom tattoo.

1. "Up to" this size

If you choose this small size, your tattoo design can be up to 3" x 4". In the notes at checkout just tell us the exact size within these parameters you would like and we will create 2 copies of your exact size. 

2. Image file types

We can work with .jpg, .eps, .tiff or any image, even Microsoft Word documents. But if you really know your stuff, send us an. EPS al 600 dpi with the color defined as CMYK. Just upload your design and it will get to us.

3. Image size

Your document should be the exact size of your actual tattoo sheet with at least 1/8" margins if possible. But don't stress, if something looks out of place we'll be sure to contact you! It should be at least 450 x 450 px or more.

4. The Image

Ok so it has to be an actual image of the design. But if you want words instead of a picture, just tell us in the notes at checkout, as well as the size and font you want. If it is an image, it can't be a picture of your screen, design on skin, photo or have a colored background. White we will treat as transparent. If you have questions on this just email

5. How long?

Give us a three days to do the work, then we ship out using whatever shipping you choose (regular mail is always free in the USA!).

So Step 1 - Choose this size.

Step 2 - Upload your design.

Step 3 - Put any notes you may have in at checkout.

Step 4 - Let us do the work, and you get TWO copies.

Medium Custom Temporary Tattoo - Up To 3" X 4" (2 copies) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.