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designer: Rik Lee

Dare to wander in the garden.

SIZE : m / 3.25

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  1. Mekela Tyler

    3 out of 5

    First of all, this only a review on this specific tattoo. I’ve ordered other tattoos from this company and I’ve loved them. This tattoo, in particular, was a bit of a letdown. First of the pros are that this is a beautiful design. The colors are vibrant and it’s a good size, especially for the forearm and foot.

    The cons, however, were reall offputting. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that this was specific to whatever way this batch was printed. The entire sheet had the adhesive on it and it was difficult to remove the plastic sheet. I thought this was odd because previously purchased tattoos only had the adhesive on the tattoo itself. Also concerning was that when I finally removed the plastic, the design looked warped and I nearly tore off a piece of the design. Applying the tattoos (I used both), was easy but the result didn’t look right. The adhesive seemed thick and bunched up on itself when my skin relaxed. I could even feel it pulling of light arm hairs. Removing this tattoo was difficult, even with rubbing alcohol. I used the second tattoo, but the result was the exact same. I tried to wait an hour or so to let it settle on my skin, but it looks more like saran wrap sticker than well-designed temp. tattoo, which is a shame, because the design really is amazing.

    Don’t get me wrong, this one instance won’t stop me from buying a Tattify tattoo in the future, I just think this specific tattoo I received had some issues that don’t necessarily reflect Tattify’s quality.

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