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Double Dagger Switchblade Extravaganza

designer: Peter Fortin

Not ONE but TWO sharp knives. Give one to your girlfriend, keeping in mind your father cut his steaks with a pocket knife before he met your mother.

SIZE : l / 1” x 5”

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  1. Whitney

    (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Want to get street cred without joining a gang or getting into a fight? Look no further! The tattify double dagger temporary tattoo has you covered! Going to a metal show? A motorcycle event? Just slap one (or both) of these bad boys on and you’re good to go!

    Unfortunately my friend knows I’m a pansy and said “Are you trying to look hardcore? Because you’re not.” When she saw mine, but strangers on the street who dared look my way were none the wiser.

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