Pocket Watch Tattoos

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Pocket watches are a figure of antiquity; they remind us of the old times. Pocket watches got popular after World War Ⅰ and are often associated with the Victorian Era. Although they can be bought today, pocket watches were said to be unique and have been passed onto from one generation to the other, as a token of an heirloom.

Anything vintage becomes instantly trendy. Pocket watch tattoos are such kind of tattoo artwork that is vintage, and this kind of tattoos are often flaunted by the hipster community. Pocket watch tattoos indicate the importance of time, that one should be grateful for every second that passes, and overall have a positive outlook on life. From getting a simple execution of the pocket watch tattoo to having abstract patterns around it, the variety of design in such tattoos is endless.

Pocket watch tattoos are a very attractive concept and can be customizable to one’s preference. They are often done in black and white or metallic tones and can be paired with lacework, flowers, maps or any pattern of choice, and the options are limitless.

Pocket Watch Tattoos

Black and white pocket watch tattoos are very minimalistic and classic. They have a traditional touch and can be sported as it is. They can be paired with flowers or a quote of choice to make it more individualistic. Simple black and white pocket watch tattoos can be paired with bold colors to make it look visually appealing, like pairing a black and white pocket watch with the inside of the watch in gold add a rare look to it.

Black and white themed pocket watch tattoos are often preferred by the people who like darker emo themes. So a pocket watch with black roses could be a good gothic tattoo choice.
Pocket watch tattoos with the inner workings of the watch are also a creative choice and are often considered bold. They can be created in gold tones and with a 3D look to it, which is definitely eye-catching. Pocket watch tattoos with the elements like Polynesian tattoo patterns, skulls, lacework or any abstract patterns are another choice of creative tattoos.

Golden pocket watches along with bold colors and/or patterns have a hip look and are a great tattoo design. The placement of the tattoo may also have a distinctive look, such as having an arm sleeve covered the whole with a pocket watch tattoo is a bold look. One can also have the pocket watch around the wrist, to replace the conventional wristwatch. A couple of pocket watch tattoo is also another different tattoo choice that can be flaunted by two people; they can also add a special date along with it which makes the tattoo more special to them.

Pocket watch with the roman numerals tattoos have a traditional feel, and the watch could be substituted with compass, to make it look ancient. Pocket watch tattoos paired with another timepiece like hourglass along with some detailing is also a great tattoo choice.
Pocket watch tattoos with abstract patterns and any time-related quote such as “Time waits for no one” are also a strikingly simple choice. Additional elements like name or position coordinates of choice can make the tattoo look more detailed and special.

Locket watch tattoos and heart-shaped pocket watches are an alternative for pocket watch tattoos, which have more of a feminine look to them and could be worn more by the ladies. These are a distinct choice and again, could be paired with quotes, jewels and/or flowers to make it look unique.
Pocket watch tattoos with jewelry, feathers and/or crosses, are yet another a creative tattoo choice that is aesthetically pleasing. Ornate designs along with pocket watch tattoos are also another design choice that adds some uniqueness and boldness to it.

Broken pocket watch tattoos are often linked with the literary work “Alice in Wonderland” and could become an exclusive choice of tattoo. They could also symbolize “stopping of time” which may be associated with a loved one’s tragic death or a sad incident.

Pocket watch tattoos with cartoon elements like roses, crown or birds may appeal to people who prefer cartoonish style. They can be added with bold colors that will make the tattoo look bright and beautiful.

Detailed pocket watch tattoos with splashes of watercolors are another aesthetically pleasing tattoo design.

Pocket watch tattoos are a truly creative design, and they can be added along with musical notes, flowers, jewelry and/or abstract patterns to make it feel more individualistic.

Tattoo artists used designs such as flower, animals, fish, trees, and some symbols are also used. One of the best design which is liked by all the youngsters for decades is the Pocket Watch Tattoo Design. Their presence usually indicates an intellectual personality. The placement of the tattoo depends upon the size of the tattoo which is to be drawn, and the choice of the place is made by the artist who is experienced.


These tattoos are much loved because of its symbolic meaning. This symbolizes time, life, death, and stability. It was telling us that every moment of life is very important and it never comes again so live your life with full of joy and enjoy each moment of it.

Watch is also a fashionable accessory to wear. This is the thing which attracts men and women for pocket watch tattoos. The pocket watch tattoo conveys the significance of the time, a specific event or a person. This tattoo love for that very special moment. The best reason to choose this pocket watch tattoo is this represents the period of time that change your whole life.


Most Favorite spot for bearing a pocket watch is the shoulder.
Especially men are preferred shoulder for this tattoo.
This tattoo is just awesome because of the vintage pen and vibrates red color which is used to draw this tattoo.
Smaller size tattoos are done on the small surface areas such as legs, wrist, back of the neck and ankle.
These tattoos also look fab on the side, sleeve stomach, rib, and thigh.
Pocket watch and rose is a very trending tattoo design for both men and women.
The watches in this today’s world were in different materials.
If you want a tattoo based on Viking heritage, then you have to follow two paths one. You can follow mythical one or the authentic one.
Rose Tattoo Symbolism is one of the best design which is more preferred by today’s women. Rose is considered as a symbol of balance.
By using different flowers, the tattoo looks more beautiful, and the different flowers express promise, hope, and new beginnings.

Pocket Watch Tattoo Designs

A number of design options are available for the pocket watch tattoos, and thanks to the tattoo artists which are spread everywhere in the world and create the new and amazing designs for their trendy and fashion loving clients which are also present everywhere in the world. These tattoo artists are also inventing some new elements in the pocket watch tattoos and give them new meaning to these designs.

Here are some popular designs:

Pocket Watch Mechanics Tattoo –
This is the best choice for the men which shows details of watch mechanics with hour, minute, and second needles and also telling the date and the year of the special occasion. This tattoo is used to represent the owns birth date or of a child or someone special or loved one. These tattoos have men’s attitude looks, that’s why it is loved by most male clients.

Pocket Watch With Flowers and Butterflies –
This tattoo design is best for women. For girls who want some femininity added to this tattoo design, you can have some feminine elements such as flowers and butterflies added to the pocket watch design to make it more beautiful and attractive. Instead of using traditional black and blue color vibrant colors are the best options to make the pocket watch tattoo more graceful.

Pocket Watch With Text –
Another type of pocket watch design which is trending now is the pocket watch with text. This text may be the name of any person or maybe the name of the favorite place, any dates or some other important and inspirational lines. Also, the lines with some meaning are also drawn.

Pocket Watch Anchor Tattoo –
The anchor is the coolest and trendy type of this tattoo with the addition of conventional designs. Anchors, which was originally used as a pet design for sailors and navigators. A 3D anchor tattoo is the fantastic pocket watch design. These tattoos are known to be the modern day’s tattoos since they are being designed by a group of professional tattoo artists in the world.

Final Words

The art of making tattoos or tattooing has been practiced throughout the world from centuries. They symbolize endurance to pain, dedication to cultural traditions and also serve as a sign of individualism. In this current era, tattooing is not just done because of the influence of the pop culture or for decorative purposes, but for shaping one’s identity and self-expression. Our bodies are a blank canvas, and just like an artist’s mind puts all of his imagination on to the canvas, tattoos are a piece of art for bodies.

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