Pisces Tattoos

Written by: Jason White

Popular among both men and women, a Pisces tattoo attracts with its appearance and significance. While the word “Pisces” (Latin) means “fish”, it is not the sole image option for this kind of tattoo as we’ll show in the photos we’ve gathered for you. The main thing is that your tattoo needs to be made by a tattooing master, capable of capturing your ideas and translating them as beautiful art onto your skin.


Fish, without any symbolism, is a popular choice for a tattoo. For one, fish can be depicted in extremely different ways and styles. For example, fish can be drawn as silhouettes, realistic pictures, or dreamy-looking watercolor images. Two, you can ink these tattoos on either individually or as part of a composition. Three, fish tattoos are also versatile when it comes to body placement. Large tattoos are usually done on the back or chest, and some compositions are transferred from one part of the body to another. Small tattoos are inked on the neck, shoulder, arm, wrist, or leg. Done right, these tattoos look incredible!


What does this 12th astrological sign in the Zodiac say about the people born under this sign? Pisces are wise and sensitive people, with great intuition. Such characteristics allow Pisces to easily and gracefully find the best way out of difficult situations, whether they are involved or not. Why not honor such a cool zodiac sign with a tattoo?


Koi tattoos are currently one of the most sought-after body drawings. This image broke into the world of tattooing from Eastern countries and quickly gained popularity among Americans and Europeans. In the Eastern part of the world, carp is seen as a symbol of longevity and purpose, as this fish can swim long distances even against the current and in rough waters. Legend has it that carp was given a chance to swim up the Yellow River to reach the dragon’s gate, and when it did, it became a mythical creature itself.

The undisputed leader among carp tattoos are drawings done in Japanese style. In this style of tattooing, carp are not only treated as artful decoration adorning the body, but are also believed to provide protection to the owner.


Minimalist Pisces tattoos result in fine-lined fish on the wrist or boats on the neck. These look very delicate while remaining symbolic.


The image of a goldfish is also popular as it looks very fabulous in its striking bright-colored hues. Goldfish also symbolize wish fulfillment, which explains why some people choose a goldfish tat as a “lucky charm”.






What does a Pisces Tattoo stand for?

Would you be surprised to hear that fish can be interpreted in a variety of ways? For example, fish can memorably depict the 12th Zodiac sign. Another interpretation of fish would be the desire to always be free. And a third example, fish can portray a tough and strong yet graceful character. Fish are also seen as symbols of femininity, grace, fertility, and motherhood.

The beautiful symbol of Pisces is not only popular but historic and cultural as well, spanning hundreds of centuries and encompassing cultures, where each culture lends the symbol different properties and meanings.

Fish was one of the most recognized symbols of early Christianity (still is!). During periods of religious persecution, fish served as an identification mark for those Christians who continued to practice their faith even if it was forbidden. Later, the three fish Christian symbol “ichthys” became a part of the customs and tattoos of ancient Celts. Today in the tattooing world, fish are still used as a symbol of one’s Christian faith and his or her love for God.

With Pisces being a water sign, fish are seen to act as a mediator between heaven and earth. In Buddhism, fish symbolize spiritual enlightenment and liberation from earthly sinful desires and passions. In Chinese culture, fish represent wealth and harmony. Just as sacred fish were the ancient Romans and Greeks. In Hinduism, fish were a symbol of marriage.

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