Peony Tattoo

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With their deep roots in the culture and historical backgrounds of China and Indiana, peony flowers are the symbolism of both strength and beauty. While the diverse colors showcase an epitome of manifold grace, the variety of shapes and sizes they take stand for the diversity in every form. No wonder “peony tattoo designs,” originating from the purple background of Peony, has found a deep-seated liking among tattoo lovers in and around various countries.

Peony tattoos have existed in history for centuries. The evidence of the existence has been found in mythological texts. The tattoos are not only a site of grace and beauty but stand for prosperity and romance. Peony tattoos celebrate success and are an omen of good fortune and happiness.

The Variety of Elements in Peony

The peony tattoo can inculcate a variety of elements. The elements that shall be incorporated shall range from flowers like chrysanthemum, lily, and lotus to the epitome of bravery and salvage like tigers and dragons, or they use your original beauty as in fairies or unicorns.

A number of tattoo artists well equipped with peony background shall use many Chinese and Japanese symbols owing to the roots of the origin. They may use symbolism like dragons, tigers, bears, koi fish to create a Chinese or Japanese theme. They may also use flowers like chrysanthemum and cherry blossom to give you a variety of options. If you want a different element depicting history, the artists can draw you a character as samurai from Japan. Thus, you can get your tattoo themed in various forms.

Karajishi (Japanese lion-dog) symbolism presents you with a middle ground of beauty and bravery. If you want to represent a balanced symbol of beauty and chivalry, you might want to consider it.

In the end, what kind of a peony tattoo you get boils down to your understanding of peony. If you do not want a themed tattoo with historical representations, you may go for more straightforward descriptions as flowers, or dragons and fairies. These symbols, in general, represent the valor and beauty of peony tattoos.

Also, you can select from a variety of colors for your tattoo ranging from red, pink, purple to blue, yellow, and white. If you are a man and you choose not to get a too colorful one, you might as well go with monochromatic tattoos.

The Secret Meaning

Peony is a representation of all the positive vibes you could get. It has a glorious past among warriors and peasants alike. On the one hand, it represents strength, valor, bravery, and sacrifice, while the other side stands for beauty, romance, peace, and wealth. So yes, you can get your own peony to represent strength and beauty at the same time.

In the olden days, especially in the eastern culture, peony was more of a tattoo belonging to a male. The samurai were said to be having peony tattoos that represented their ferocity in wars. The folktales have it that the beauty of the peony tattoos would restrain the atrocious enemies as well as predatory animals in wars.

In the Japanese and Chinese culture of the past, it is quite evident that they used stone lions in order to protect their sacred temples and buildings from raids and enemies, thus bringing the element of lions in peony tattoos. Also, Japan signifies a bold and daring approach to life that shows in peony. As peony is considered as “the queen of flowers,” in the Japanese culture, the concept of royalty and wealth in these tattoos is not untouched.

Kinds of Peony Tattoos Designs and Where Should You Get One

Following are the best areas to get Peony Tattoos.

Peony Tattoo on The Shoulder

The shoulder is one of the most likely body parts to get a tattoo and forms a perfect space for peony tattoos. The various lines and the width of the shoulder gives a raise and multi-fold view of the symbol. The artist can match the contours of the skin to your tattoo, increasing its beauty.

Peony Tattoo on Your Back

Your back is a significant body part to place in your favorite tattoo. The availability of enough space allows you to get bold and creative with your choice of designs.

You could go ahead. Follow a single theme as a bunch of flowers, or mix up various elements to present a diverse topic.

Peony tattoo on the elbow

The way the skin on your elbow contracts and dilates, the flowers on the angle could appear to blossom.

This shall give a new fold beauty and realistic view to your tattoo.

Peony tattoo on your waist

The curves on the waist and the lines and structure prove for a desirable place to get a peony tattoo. You can go for well-chiseled petals that give your tattoo a new edge and look.

Peony tattoo designs are fast getting popular among tattoo lovers because of their multifold virtues. They offer a lot of features that can be combined to give your tattoo your unique identity.

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