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Amidst all the places that people get tattoos on the neck are one of the most visible ones. Since one does not normally cover the neck region, neck tattoo designs are open to everyone. Most people who get their neck tattoos impulsively without giving it a clear thought have had to face uncomfortable questions about the tattoo. A neck tattoo is not easy to hide. You will be questioned about its importance, meaning, the reason you got the tattoo, etc.

Apart from that, you must also consider how the neck tattoo could influence peoples’ perception of you. A neck tattoo would definitely be one of the first things a person would notice about you at their first glance. Consciously or possibly unconsciously, the person in front of you, while drawing conclusions about your personality, will consider the neck tattoo and what it possibly means.

There are some conventional ideas about specific tattoos and the kind of person who would sport them. For instance, one would associate the design of a skull or a large animal with a hardcore, bulky, biker guy. A simple bracelet type of a tattoo would suit someone with a ‘girl-next-door’ kind of an attitude. A design of a paw would lead one to think of the person as an animal lover.

These perceptions might not be 100% true in every case. However, this is just the general perception. It is great if you are someone who does not pay attention to what other people have to say. Do remember, in many professions, people fail to get hired because of a visible tattoo. This includes the job of a cabin crew, Starbucks, The Army, the Airforce or in the hospitality industry.

So, keep in mind all the factors mentioned above. Instead of getting a neck tattoo that you could regret getting later, give it a good thought before getting inked.

What exactly are Neck Tattoos?

When one places a tattoo in the region between the chin and the collarbone, it is considered to be a neck tattoo. This region was not very popular for getting tattoos for a long while. Usually, it is the arms and legs that one would first think of if they planned to get a tattoo.

The trend of getting these tattoos is relatively new. Currently, most people get their tattoos on the sides of the neck. It is not so easy to find someone who is sporting a tattoo at the back of the neck, also called the nape of the neck. However, getting tattoos on the front side of the neck, that is, near the collarbone is quite rare. Not that they don’t exist; they do. But, they are just rare.

Getting a tattoo on the back of the neck is a safe bet. Under normal circumstances, nobody can see it the first time they meet you. If you have long hair it is even better; you can conveniently let your hair down whenever you think it is appropriate even when neck tattoos are small.

What you need to know before you get a Neck Tattoos

Getting a neck tattoo is the most painful tattoo you could ever get. Getting inked on the arms, the back or the legs is relatively much easier when compared to getting a tattoo on your neck. This is because your neck is not protected by a thick layer of fat like in the case of legs or back. The skin around the neck is quite thin which makes it very easy for the tattoo needle to get uncomfortably close to the bone.

If you thought that getting a tattoo was the most difficult part, then you are so wrong. Maintaining a tattoo after you get it is very important. Since making sure that it heals properly is not an easy task. A neck tattoo takes the longest to heal when you compare it to tattoos on other body parts.

It is also likely to be touched by someone or something accidentally. Whether you are wearing a hoodie, a shirt or a t-shirt, your tattoo is bound to get touched by them. Throughout the day, as you keep working, your neck muscles keep moving and don’t get the rest that they need. Ideally, neck tattoos take around three weeks to heal completely.

Types of Neck Tattoos

  • Simple Star Tattoo designs

Stars are lights that shine in the darkness. They represent truth and hope all the while encouraging us to fight in the darkness. Stars can suit those who have gone through hard times and have shone brightly through it all. Even those who are getting inked to enhance aesthetic beauty can go for star tattoos.

  • Angel Tattoos

People usually get these tattoos to establish their association with God. These designs stand for Hope and Spirituality. One would feel reassured that there is a guiding force looking out for them after getting this tattoo inked.

  • Butterflies

Everybody knows the story of how the insect makes its way out of its cocoon. Because of this transition, a butterfly stands for Rebirth, Change, Metamorphosis. If you have gone through something so big that it has changed you, the butterfly tattoos would be perfect to mark this change.

  • Design of the Sun

Although a Sun tattoo is usually large, you could get a small one on your neck if you would like it. Since the Sun is the universal life-giver, there is no situation for which a Sun tattoo would not fit. The Sun also represents Fertility, Perseverance, Power, and a new beginning. For those who have faced tough times, the Sun Tattoos could signify Healing.

  • Birds

There are so many designs for Bird Tattoos that will leave you spoilt for choice. From big solo Tattoos of Eagles and Falcons, there are designs of small graphic birds that are flying out of the cage or sitting on a branch. Depending on the design you pick, bird tattoos could stand for Hope, Freedom, Friendship, Courage, Determination. You could also get twin tattoos with your mate to establish your bond.

Moreover, people get compass tattoos on their neck as well.

Neck Tattoos Designs

Final Words

Getting a neck Tattoo is as good as making a commitment to live. Also, you can see the Neck Tattoos as they are visible very openly and to a large extent will define who you are. So, pick carefully. Make your Tattoo experience worth it and you can also try the mandala tattoos on the back of your neck because they look great with dresses.

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