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What better way to express yourself than getting a tattoo, right ?? Tattoos are a great way to express yourself, and plus they look great too! But deciding which design to get could be a very tough task. And if you’re a mountain lover, then getting a mountain tattoo would the best thing!

Tattoos are designs or patterns that are inked on your skin by a tattoo artist. A tattoo artist is the kind of person who should have creative as well as imaginative skills to help his/her customers in getting a tattoo of their choice. Selecting a tattoo design is an extremely important process before getting a tattoo.

You need to be sure about what kind of design do you want and where you want the design to be. A tattoo artist can help you in the selection process, but if you do some research and think about what kind of design you want, then you would be able to get your tattoo as per your likes and dislikes. There are several kinds of tattoo designs. If you’re passionate about nature and are inspired by it, then getting mountain tattoo design could just be the thing for you.

Mountains are a symbol of strength, steadiness. They are like enormous and enchanting forms of nature built by the earth itself. A mountain tattoo will reflect your adventurous side, courage, and determination to overcome the obstacles in life. People who want to aim higher and scale heights often get mountain tattoos.

100+ Most Amazing Mountain Tattoo Designs

Mountains look so mesmerizing, and may it be a child, an aged man/woman, or a youngster, almost everybody loves them. Mountain tattoo designs are highly recommended to people who want to express their bold personalities and explore their wild sides. Here are some of the most amazing mountain tattoo design ideas and their meanings.

Simple mountain tattoo

As the name itself suggests, this is a simple form of mountain tattoo design. It is a simple but attractive design with a less complicated structure of the mountains. This design will surely reflect a person’s simplicity as well as the strength (as mountains are a symbol of strength), but if you are a person with a simple, less complicated nature and want to reflect it with your tattoo, go for it!

Geometric mountain tattoos

These are slightly complicated mountain designs, and also they look very stylish. Geometric mountain tattoo is a combined design form of geometrical patterns and the mountains. Geometric mountain tattoos indicate a mixture of two varied natures of a single person. One a person’s ability to find the logic behind things, and the other one is that person’s love for nature.

Small mountain tattoos

Small mountain tattoo designs are a simple, small, and less complicated forms of mountain tattoos designs. They are tiny and can be easily drawn. Their shape is smaller in size and will surely look amazing on your body. They have a small, clear pattern of mountains. Hence these designs are short and sweet.

Minimalist Mountain Tattoo Design

They are extremely small patterns of mountain tattoo designs, and they will look perfect on almost any part of your body. These designs look very adorable. They are tiny, smaller than the small tattoo designs. They are tiny crisp patterns of mountains, very easy to get them, and plus they to look super cute too.

Watercolor Mountain tattoo design

Watercolored tattoo designs are tattoo designs but with colors These types of mountain designs are extremely realistic, and they are very attractive. They are more colorful and artistic and will reflect your artistic nature. They are mesmerizing and breathtaking. These tattoos are colorful and catchy, as well. A tattoo artist with a creative mind and good skills can surely create beautiful designs and fill them with attractive colors

Outline mountain tattoo design

These are simple designs that only consist of an outline. They do not actually have a complicated inside structure; they are just outlines of mountains. They reflect the simplicity of a person, and they look good too.

White Mountain Tattoo Design

These tattoo designs are inked on the body with white ink instead of the black one. These mountain designs look like the white mountains covered with snow.

Animal Mountain Tattoo design

These designs consist of animal patterns shaped along with mountain design. They look amazing and extremely artistic. People who love animals and want to reflect their fierce, strong personalities just like their favorite bold animal and want to get a mountain tattoo should definitely get these.

Rocky Mountain Tattoo design

These mountain tattoo designs indicate the rocky mountains. They consist of a complicated pattern depicting the rocky structure of the mountains and would surely reflect the rock-solid personality of a person. Mostly men get these designs because these patterns loo really strong and are a perfect match for their manly personalities. They indicate the original rocky mountains, which are ideal for their personalities.

Wave and mountain tattoos

These are currently in trend, and they look pretty amazing. These tattoos are a blend of a mountain design combined with a wave here. The mountain will reflect the person’s strong, bold personality just like the mountains, and the wave will reflect the person’s wish to be constantly moving and not stopping anywhere just like the waves. Overall we can say that this design is a unique blend of two different patterns of design.

Tree-Mountain Tattoo design

This mountain design is a blend of tree design and mountain design. These designs look beautiful and very creative. They often reflect a person’s love towards trees and their strong personalities. Tree mountain tattoo designs are a unique type of tattoo design that depicts a blend of two important elements of nature that are the rock-solid mountains and the evergreen trees.

Geometric Diamond mountain tattoo

These designs consist of a mountain design pattern inside a geometrical diamond shape. They, too, can be considered as a blend of the mountain tattoo design and the geometric design. They look very stylish, and they reflect the sharp personality of a person.

Geometric Triangle mountain tattoo

Similar to the diamond-shaped tattoo except for this kind of tattoo design consist of a mountain tattoo design bound in a triangle. They are beautiful mountain designs cleverly fitted inside the geometrical triangle shape. Hence these designs are similar to the geometrical mountain tattoo design. These, too, indicate the sharp personality of a person.

Iron mountain tattoo

These tattoo designs have a very strong impression on people when they see them. These tattoos reflect boldness, courage, strength, determination. These tattoos designs are mostly seen in men rather than women. These tattoos reflect a strong personality.

Landscape mountain tattoo

Landscape mountain tattoo design is a combination of landscape design and a mountain tattoo design. They are extremely artistic and look very beautiful. A creative tattoo artist can ink this design very well using his/her creative skills. This design is a blend of landscape elements such as trees, rivers, grass, sun along with the mountain tattoo design. Therefore if you are a person who loves landscapes and mountains together, you should definitely get this one.

Text and Mountain tattoo design

This is the type of mountain tattoo design where in the text is added along with the basic mountain design. You can pick your favorite quote that inspires you or any text, and the tattoo artist can use his creativity to blend this text along with the original mountain tattoo design. This is the perfect kind of tattoo if you want to express what you believe in and want the world to see it.

Shadow mountain tattoo design

Shadows are a kind of reflection. Reflection is a way of expressing yourself, so why not reflect your tattoos too? Shadow mountain design tattoos are a design that consists of one design, and it’s reflection design below it most of the time, but sometimes it depends on the creativity of the tattoo artist.

Violin mountain tattoo design

As the name suggests, this tattoo is totally meant for the musicians. This tattoo will reflect your love for music. It is a combination of a violin design and a mountain design. Go ahead ! all the music lovers this tattoo is totally meant for you all!


Tattoos are a great way to express yourself as well as expressing what you believe in. Mountain tattoo designs will not only look mesmerizing but also reflect your personality. Combining the basic tattoo design and adding artistic aspects to it is a tricky task, but if the tattoo artist is highly imaginative, skilled, and creative, then these mountain tattoos designs could be executed beautifully, and they would really look amazing. So what are you waiting for? Get one now!

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