Moon Tattoos

Written by: Pete

If you are someone who believes in astronomy, the celestials, or are just merely fond of unusual tattoos, then the moon tattoo is an ideal choice for you. Since time immemorial, man has always been captivated by the moon and its supernatural nature. Since prehistoric times, the moon’s progressions connect to the tides and looks intently. A few societies even accept that the moon holds extraordinary powers or some divine spirit administrates it.

The moon tattoo can have different interpretations making it highly intriguing. Based on your individual interests, your moon tattoo can have a one of a kind significance. Since there are numerous different types of moon tattoo, we have curated a list of some of the most popular ones, along with their meanings and significance. Read more to find out.

The phases of the moon tattoo

Representing the repeating nature of time, the phases of the moon tattoos are a highly popular choice. People associate it with karma and the stages of the moon. A tattoo of the moon cycle also symbolizes the cyclic nature of life, resurrection, and even eternality.

In Greek folklore, the periods of the moon were related to three goddesses: Demeter, kore-Persephone, and Hecate. These goddesses symbolized three distinct stages throughout everyday life – the youth, the parenthood, and the mature age. The waxing, winding down, and full moon signifies these phases, respectively. Most people prefer getting this tattoo behind the back of their neck and sometimes even down the spine.

The full moon tattoo

The full moon has been a wellspring of superstitions since the origin of humanity. At the point when the moon is complete, it has the most heavenly control over the earth.

While this legitimately relates the sea’s tides, numerous societies accept a full moon that is associated with change and madness. According to some superstitions, a full moon is a time when the horizons between different worlds are almost nil. It acts as a pathway to the extraterrestrial world. You can get the tattoo on your arms or even at the back of your neck.

The crescent moon

One of the most common reasons people get their moon tattoos is because they want to prove they love the nightlife. You can fill it in very well or only laid out in dark ink. Adding specific images like butterflies or vines to it can make the crescent moon progressively female.

While the moon is regularly in hues of white and yellow, you can always broaden your color choices and go for bright colorful inks. The small size of the crescent moon makes it an ideal tattoo for small spots of the body like behind the ear, the wrists, or the lower legs.

The mandala moon

The mandala moon is sometimes an obvious choice for People with an artistic nature. It’s highly associated with artistic persona and reflects your characteristics as an individual. The designs could be simple or complex, depending upon your personal preferences. Moon Mandala tattoos intend to mirror your profound or strict convictions.

All mandala tattoos, for the most part, go best on a large, level piece of the body like the back or chest. Moon Mandala tattoos, be that as it may, particularly bow or half-moon mandala pictures, you can draw anywhere more significant full-moon mandalas would need to fold over the sides of an arm or leg while littler full-moon mandalas look great on a shoulder or top piece of the arm or leg.

The moon and the cat

In numerous societies, cats are creatures of great significance. This is particularly valid in Western cultures. They usually associate their black cats with black magic and witches, making it potentially abhorrent. In old Roman culture, cats relate to the moon goddess Diana. In both of these famous portrayals, they usually associate with the moon, in this way making a moon tattoo with a cat an especially incredible symbol.

You can determine the position of the cat with respect to the moon as per your personal preference. It depends on how you wish to portray it. If you like the idea of secret and power, then a black cat situated underneath a full moon, with its eyes aglow, can be a suitable choice.

On the other hand, if you are more towards the relationship of the moon goddess and the cat, or if you wish to incorporate a cat’s picture in your tattoo, then there are significantly more possible choices. You can depict the cat sitting on a crescent moon or moon and gat smiling at each other while sharing a look to indicate their association with each other. In these structure alternatives, the shading and type of the feline can be anything your heart wants. So get these moon tattoo designs as soon as possible!

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