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Are you looking for cute Minimalist Tattoos and simple tattoo ideas? We, humans, are social animals who produce, gather, communicate and live in a surrounding that makes up a society. Just like marking territories, there came a phase when we started to mark our skin with the help of various pigments and inks, both permanently and deliberately. Tattoos were proof of social status, to identify a person from a particular group of people or to ward off evil.

The term “tattoo” was found in the Merriam Webster Dictionary back in 1777 that marked the beginning of the modern era of tattoos. Even though tattoos were found in the fossilized remains of skeletons from Europe, Egypt or the Pacific, no one knows where tattoos originated from. And with the modifications of tattoos with time came along a type of tattoo, known as the Minimalist tattoo.

Trend of Minimalist Tattoos

Minimalist Tattoos

The minimalist tattoo has started to become one of the recent trends which have been influenced to the youth of this generation by various Hollywood celebrities. These tattoos consist of crisp, black lines, negative space and sparse color palettes to convey a design that is both clean and simple. Minimalist tattoos have a deep meaning and usually are tiny and can be done in an area that can be concealed getting a second name, the “hidden tattoos.”

The term and idea came to form through an art movement known as Minimalism that started in the post World War 2 era for Western art, mostly in American arts in the 1960’s to 1970’s. Artists in that era switched their artworks to abstract geometric designs. Here are a few reasons why minimalist tattoos are making such a significant impact on people:

High Celebrity Influence

Every celebrity- from Kendall Jenner to Rihanna, own minimalist tattoos. These tattoos are done in such a way that it is aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. And we tend to get influenced by anything a celebrity does thus making this type of tattoos popular.


Since tattoos in India are done by inches, minimalist tattoos are affordable as they don’t cover more than 2 inches usually.

Less Needle Time

Some people tend to get nervous under the needle to do it’s pricking pain. A minimalist tattoo is a good option for the ones who want to get inked but are either scared or impatient with the needle.

Easy To Design

Minimalist tattoos consist of small symbols of geometrical abstractions; the most common design is a semicolon. Along with the less time required to do so, the effort to make a design is less too. So you don’t have to go around searching for the best tattoo artist in tow      asda

Easily Concealed

As you already know, you can easily conceal minimalistic tattoos due to their small size. Therefore, getting a second name as the “hidden tattoo.”

The people working now don’t have a reason to worry about the judgemental eyes at work.


A minimalist tattoo helps in making a small mark to the human minds. Even though it is small in size, the message a small symbol conveys can be surprising.

Even though minimalistic tattoos are a boon for beginners or even tattoo enthusiasts, it has a few flaws. These tattoos tend to fade away faster with time than the tattoos of bigger sizes. Thus, the area of the ink should be washed lesser.

Some famous artists might not be great at smaller tattoos and therefore, finding a right artist is VERY important. Also, if you’re planning to get a matching tattoo, read it. This happens most of the time that both the tattoos do not look similar. This variation can be due to many reasons such as the skin pigments, atmosphere, water, soaps used, etc.

But as we know, everything has both the pros and cons. So if you want to get inked, go for it! Don’t let your big mind miss out on the small step you can take to do something new.

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