Mermaid Tattoos

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Are you also searching for Mermaid Tattoos? In the fast-evolving and modernizing world of tattoos, regarding design and technique, certain old-world charm remains caught in time. There are designs which have been lost with time and plans which have only got popular over the years, amongst these are specific themes that have retained the air of mysticism and beauty with time. One of them is the Mermaid Tattoo.

In our storybooks, we have often come across the character with the upper body of half human and lower body of a fish. With numerous cartoons and films on the same, it has become a favorite character for many kids. Mermaids are mythical creatures that appear in legends and folklore. Mentioned in many cultural mythologies, they are presented to be beautiful creatures who lure sailors to their imminent death by way of their beautiful voice and singing, with the motive to steal their treasures.

Ancient creatures from storybooks, mermaids are mentioned in Greek and Roman texts. They are believed to be half God and half Sea creature and typically represented to wait on rocks, in wait for the sailors at the time of dusk, moonlight shining off their beautiful bare backs and tails, creating an alluring image of mysticism.

Ideally visualized with slender bodies, long, shining and flowing hair. Seductive expression and either topless or covered with shells. Sitting on top of rocks or swimming in the blue water of the sea, staring at the moon or into the darkness before dawn. Though mostly a very feminine choice of tattoo design, it has gained favor amongst both men and women over the years. Men prefer a more Celtic or Grim Reaper, the Angel of Death designs, while women have a wide range of styles to choose from.

In the past, sailors inked mermaid tattoos on their arms to symbolize freedom and death. With the mesmerizing voice, alluring looks, mermaid tattoos would mean enchantment and charm. Choosing a mermaid tattoo is letting your heart take over your mind. To give into something you don’t see in reality, but still, believe in. To let go of control and simply being swept off by passion.

Mermaid tattoos stand for beauty and love, associated with Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love. An air of mystery and elusiveness that only those can see who have a pure passion in the heart. Seduction and untamed emotions and perceptions representing freedom and ferociousness of female mind and body. Mermaid tattoos symbolize power and peace. Being feared by others, human and sea creatures alike, they are peace-loving and do not hurt or attack unprovoked. Most people consider Mermaids to be peace-loving and gentle creatures and often helpful.

Some celebrities have mermaid tattoos inked on them. From Christina Ricci, who has one pin-up style mermaid inked on her left ankle, to Lena Dunham with two mermaid-tailed Kewpie doll-styled tattoos on her hip. Other celebrities include Zoë Kravitz, Dev, and Adam Levine, who has a giant mermaid tattoo inked on his back.

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Types of Mermaid Tattoos

  • Cartoon tattoos of Ariel from Disney, a popular and favorite choice of many.
  • Pin-up mermaid tattoo, oozing sensuality.
  • Mermaids are holding fish bone combs, an ancient symbol of power and feminine strength.
  • Traditional mermaid tattoos.
  • Mermaid tattoos in watercolors and sketches.
  • Silhouetted or outlined design of the mermaid in black.
  • The mermaid with a moon or mirror.
  • Mermaid tattoos incorporated with wind or waves of the ocean.
  • Skeletal and Tribal designs of the mermaid
  • The mermaid with feminine elements like flowers, hearts, and jewels.
  • Minimalistic tattoos like only the lower part of the mermaid’s body.
  • Tattoos with the mermaid image and quotes.
  • Mermaid represented as the Angel of Death.
  • A monochromatic design of the mermaid.
  • Sometimes mermaids can also have male figures.
  • Simple matching mermaid tattoos for couples.
  • Men mostly did half or full sleeve mermaid tattoos. When done in bright colors, they look vibrant and attractive.
  • A Celtic mermaid tattoo is symbolizing strength and courage.
  • Tattoos in line work and dot work styles and details.

Mermaid tattoos need to have a proper place for it to look good. Since they are quite an elaborate design, they need a lot of space. The best places for mermaid tattoos are the back, the forearm, the thighs, and chest. Intricate, detailed designs of the figurine can be best inscribed on these positions.

Minimalistic silhouettes or outlines are best available designs for the fingers, collarbone, and wrists. The neck too can have small, pretty mermaids inked. The other popular choice of mermaid tattoos are ankles, toes, shoulders, hip, feet, calves, stomach, and lower back. Men prefer sleeve tattoos which cover the entire forearms and tell an intriguing story of the mermaid.

Final Words

With the right skilled tattoo expert, you can get a unique, innovative design. Mermaid tattoos are great options to play with details and colors. Like all other tattoos, it is imperative to have a clear idea about your choice of design in case of a mermaid tattoo. Also, remember to get your tattoos by professionals only. Instead of going big, go for something that matches your personality. Choose your colors and design wisely.

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