Matching Tattoos

Written by: Pete

Tattoos have been quite a range in the pop-culture since the early 2000s. It is no wonder that the standard population caught on with it soon. It is no secret that we humans, are obsessed with the idea of belonging to the crowd that stands out and speaks their mind out loud. Then what is a better idea than inking your body and letting the inked skin scream out our thoughts, both for us and the outer world? Moreover, nowadays, the matching tattoos is in trend, which is quite impressive if I were to give my opinion.

This matching tattoos design has various styles and types with quite an intricate and detailed meaning.

Different Types Of Matching Tattoos

Below are ten types of matching tattoo designs which you would surely love to try if ever you decided to ink it and make it permanent:

The Cartoon-Loving Couple

This tattoo design is for the fun-loving couple that also has an inner child, wherein the ‘he’ has the male cartoon character inked on their decided body part, and the ‘she’ has the female cartoon character inked on hers.

The cartoon loving couple

This cartoon character could be anything, Mickey-Minnie, Tom-Jerry, Donald-Daisy, or any other favorite cartoon couple characters.

The Lock And Key

This design is for the couple that is immensely in love, thus showing that one of them has the key to the significant other’s lock or heart.

The lock and key

One of them will have the key inked on the desired body part, and the other one will have a core or a lock inscribed on theirs. This also signifies the loyalty of the couple to each other in an inked way.

The Mr-Mrs Couple

A couple that is married and is so much in love that they want to scream it out, but sensibly cannot have this tattoo design coming in rescue.

couple matching tattoos
The Mr-Mrs couple

The ‘he’ has a Mr. inked on his arm, while the ‘she’ has a Mrs. inked on hers. A fun and sporty way to flaunt your loving married life.

The Messaged Love Line Completion

Now, we have a lot of sentences that need to complete to have that effect. For example, to infinity and beyond. This is one of the most loved matching tattoos.

messages matching tattoos
The messaged love line completion

This tattoo does the part where some of the words may ink on one of the couple’s wrist, and the remaining terms are inked on the significant other’s wrist. Hence making it necessary for them to be together to complete each other.

The King And Queen

The words ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ is inked on the respective couple’s arms. Sometimes, even a crown may ink on the wrists.

kind and queen matching tattoo
The King and Queen

This tattoo declares the thinking of fitting into royalty when together. One of the other meanings of this particular tattoo is claiming the rule on each other’s hearts.

The Chess Loving Couple

A couple who has an interest in the game of chess and does not mind in flaunting it in front of the world can try this matching tattoos design.

The ‘he’ has the tattoo of the king symbol inked on his arm, and the ‘she’ has the queen symbol inked on hers. Also, an attractive way to show the importance of the queen in the king’s life.

The Fitting Puzzle Couple

We all know the context of puzzle pieces is to prove that when two incomplete pieces get to put together, a beautiful complete portion may form.

puzzle matching tattoo
The fitting puzzle couple

This tattoo design does the same by inscribing unfinished puzzle pieces on the said people’s arms. Therefore it signifies completed when both of them are together.

The Arrow And Heart

This matching tattoos design reflects the idea where a pointer gets inked on one of the person’s arms. Also, the other one has a heart inked on their hand, showcasing somewhat the cute, cupid theory.

The arrow and heart

Hence the heart is going to be the target of the arrow, making the couple fall in love. teen couples love this type of design.

The Ringed Finger

This matching tattoos design used by both a married couple or a committed couple. Both the individuals have a band inked on their ring fingers, showing the commitment and the promise of being together.

ring matching tattoos
The ringed finger

Highly risky if you are bad at responsibilities, lol! One wrong move and the matching tattoos will ruin forever.

The Infinity Tattoo

By far, this matching tattoos is my personal favorite. This will get inked by couples. Also with best friends, or whoever you love the most. An infinity sign signifies the endless bond and relation between two people, and the tattoo represents it actively.

infinity matching tattoos
The Infinity Tattoo

It defines the relationship even more.


So, which one would you like to try with your loved ones in these matching tattoos?

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