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Mandala Tattoos are one of the most intricate and sought after tattoo designs in the industry right now. The reason behind that is the ease of creativity in this design set. Mandalas let you personify the aspects of your imagination through simple geometric figures, which comes together to form an intricate piece of art which stands in harmony between the basic geometric shapes and flow of ink. There is no rigidity in Mandalas. As explained further down below, Mandala Tattoos are favorites among art lovers and religious followers. They are an excellent choice if you want to get inked and need something intriguing to both you and others.

What are Mandalas?

mandala tattoos

Mandala is a Sanskrit word which translates literally to “Circle.” Mandala is a spiritual and religious symbol which represents the Universe. Modern-day variations of Mandalas stretch the boundaries and includes all the depictions which are, in general, in a circular periphery and aims to depict the cosmos and its patterns.

Basic Structure of Mandala

A Mandala in its most basic form consists of a circular base upon which there are rectangular gates. The gates are positioned such that they exude perfect radial balance. The gates most often are in the shape of T, but there are variations with triangular gates as well.
Modern-day Mandala Tattoos stay true to the traditions of a circular base, and the overall symmetry of the design is supposed to have a radial balance. The gates are most often replaced with petals and spirals to form a beautiful and elegant design.

Why are Mandala Tattoos so popular?

Mandala Tattoos are a hit among tattoo lovers. There is a perfectly sound reason behind their popularity, that being, the ease in which a little imagination from the artist allows for an entirely different yet equally beautiful design, time and again. There are rarely any Mandala Tattoos which have the same design and intricacies, provided they are not copied.

Each Mandala Tattoo represents a piece of the artist’s mind. You can brainstorm with your artist to come up with a design which is only yours, as you have put your imagination at work, and you can be sure that the tattoo would be a one of a kind. The beauty of Mandalas lies in the fact that with a few changes in the standard designs you can make an entirely new intricacy. So stop dwelling and meet your artist!

Modernized interpretations of Mandalas

Modernized versions of Mandala Art stays true to the roots of the ancient intricacies by incorporating the same theme of a circular base and radial balance in the components. These may include a substitution in gates, having a circular design but not a base, having various geometric shapes in place of the regular rectangles and circles and more. Below are some of the famous Mandala designs topping the list of people’s favorites.

Flower Mandalas

Mandala Tattoos are popular among women because when the design of a blooming flower is incorporated in a Mandala, it creates a beauty which is hard to take eyes off. Several designs are there in which a flower’s bloom is beautifully depicted by the Mandala’s racial balance. The petals works as an excellent substitute for the traditional T-Gate design and the center allows for more complex designs to be made connected to the tips of the petals. These are an excellent option for all the ladies who want a design which is fresh as well as eye-catching.

Geometric Mandalas

Apart from the variations including flowers, there are depictions where a spiral of geometric shapes comes together to form a beautiful Mandala. The intermixing of various geometric shapes like triangles, cones, circles, etc. gives rise to a beautifully intricate pattern which is not only eye-catching but also goes well with different jewelry and clothes. It’s a perfect choice for people who want symmetry in their life and take delight in seeing things in order.

Broken Mandala (Half Mandala)

Broken Mandalas are one of the most intriguing designs out there. These are designs where a Mandala tattoo is made with only half a circle. Moreover, the rest of the design is positioned a little above, leaving a space in between.

The design looks impressive when adequately made. In many cases, the other half of the design is positioned a little off to spark interest and introduce a little randomness in the flow of the Mandala. There are variations where the two halves are joint by a linear, thin design to create a new piece altogether.

In some cases, only half of the Mandala design is used, but the interior design is spilled out a little to spark interest and create an illusion of completeness.

Half Mandalas are an excellent option for couples. You can have one half of the tattoo on yourself and the other half on your beloved. What better way to show that your better half complete you just like their tattoo complete yours!

These are also great for people who like to try newer things each time and find beauty in incompleteness.

Things to keep in mind about Mandalas

Mandala designs are an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates art and religion. There is something about these designs which speaks more than we can interpret. Traditionally they were used to depict the universe. In Hinduism, they were called to be the abode of deities. Having such a rich past already makes them adorable to people who love to explore history. It’s also an excellent choice for those who want to have something mysterious yet beautiful inked on them.

Before getting inked though, you must make sure that you find a good artist for this design. Mandalas are very intricate and thoughtful. A slight slip of hand can ruin the whole design. Utmost care must be taken while inking because the very nature of Mandala is of harmony between the various components. A slight mistake can either be a blessing in disguise and make it more beautiful or ruin the whole design.

Whatever the case be, these remains one of the most sought-after designs which appeals to all. Also, they look beautiful from each perspective.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a beautiful Mandala Tattoo right away!

Mandala Tattoos Designs

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