Lotus Flower Tattoos

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Of the various tattoo designs, designs of flowers are most appealing for their visual beauty, variety, colors, and symbolic meanings. Mostly a popular choice amongst women, flowers bring out femininity and grace. Lotus flowers are a less common choice to ink, yet the designs can be played around in some ways. Lotus flower tattoos look both elegant and sensual on any part of the body.

History Lotus Flower Tattoos

Fashionable as a tattoo today, lotus flowers have a history that dates back thousands of years. In Eastern culture, it was a universal symbol in art and religious emblems. Flowers have religious and spiritual meanings as they rise from earth, dirty soil and transform into beautiful blooms for a specific amount of time each year. Lotus flowers are no different. Used for decoration and religious rituals, lotus flowers have spiritual and religious meaning attached.

Eastern culture has several symbolic meanings for the lotus flower that are incorporated into the lotus flower tattoos designs as well for their bearers. A beautiful flower, lotus has many layers of large petals attached to the central core.

Moreover, exuding beauty and grace, most common varieties of lotus flowers grow in pond water and creeks, adding quality to make them mystical and suitable for religious ceremonies. In the Victorian age, ponds were beautified with large lotus flowers and swans, where the flowers added eloquence.

Meaning of Lotus Flower Tattoos

The white and pink color varieties of lotus flower tattoos stand for purity and devotion. The brighter shades like blue stands for wisdom, intelligence, or knowledge, red stands for passion, compassion and love and purple for enlightenment or rebirth. Also, a green lotus flower tattoos us suitable for anyone who wants to improve their lives, start again and with good habits.

While in Egyptian culture, a lotus flower was a symbol of rebirth, as it appeared to sink every night and rise again in the morning. In Hinduism, a lotus flower holds the symbolism of peace and eternity. Moreover, in Buddhism, it stands for several meanings. Patience, mysticism, self-awareness are amongst a few of them.

Lotus mandalas in Buddhism also represent divine energy and meditation.

As a tattoo, thus black lotus tattoo flowers show your belief in Hindu or Buddhist faith. To develop inner peace with humility and focus. The eight petals of the flower represent the eight parts of the spiritual path and send out the message of gracefulness and peace.

Types of Lotus Flower Tattoos

  • The Egyptian lotus flower tattoo, popularly known as the water lily and used in spiritual rituals.
  • The Japanese lotus flower tattoo, this flower is used as a seat for Buddha and other Hindu deities.
  • The bright yellow, American lotus flower tattoo.
  • Tiny variants of the lotus flower looking exquisite and gentle.
  • Half-closed buds or full bloomed lotus flower tattoo designs.
  • A lotus flower in water, with the backdrop of a pond, making it look colorful as well as attractive.
  • Matching couple beautiful tattoos of the Lotus flower.
  • Tribal and Celtic designs of the lotus as a tattoo design.
  • Lotus flower tattoos are done in watercolor, dot work, line work or silhouettes and outlines.
  • The image of a lotus flower with symbols associated with Hinduism like ‘Om.’
  • Japanese art inspired lotus flower tattoo designs done in bright colors.
  • Lotus flower with the dragon, giving it a traditional Japanese look.

Placement of Lotus Flower Tattoo

You can easily get the Lotus flower tattoos on any region of the body. Also, with the right blend of creativity and style, you can get the designs and ideas which stand out looking attractive and prominent.

Large, elaborate, detailed designs of the lotus flower with bright colors look amazing. They are suitable on the chest, lower back, abdomen, things, shoulders, and forearms. Also, minimalistic designs of the lotus flower look good on the wrists, ankles, feet, around the fingers, neck, and collarbone. There are other minimalist tattoos that you can get on similar body parts.

There are several options for the placement of lotus tattoo and still more designs to choose from. While choosing a lotus flower tattoo, familiarise yourself with its various meanings in various cultures, both religious and spiritual. Choose the colors wisely, and your tattoo will be a reflection of your belief and faith.

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