Japanese Tattoos

Written by: Pete

Tattoos (body inked) is called Irezumi in Japanese as they follow their distinct styles, and all the Japanese style culture is cultivated all over the world. The Japanese tattoos as it’s own meaning, and the styles tell a unique story about itself.

Most of the tattoo designs are in ancient style, and most of them carry the meaning of gods or demons, which symbolize power or maybe cruelty.

All the tattoos contain a colorful mixture in ink patterns, and all the designs are look-alike of ancient scrolls from Japan.

Creative Japanese Tattoos

The meaning of the Japanese tattoos are very precious, and all the tattoo lovers use these designs to symbolize themselves with one of these designs as these designs take beautiful meanings with them.

Japanese crane design

Japanese crane design is the most common and most cultivated design. As most of the stories contain cranes in them as they are a part of courage and love.

The crane design is “sentazaru” in Japanese.In Japan, most of the village Tells the story of the crane, and most of them believe that they should worship the crane.

Japanese dragon, fire breathing dragon design

Dragon is the most believed myth in Japan, and in most of the parts in Japan believe in dragons and fairytales. Dragon is known for their power and anger, as this means that the man having a dragon tattoo feels like a powerful man.

Even dragons were known from the happens takes being told in most of the villages in Japan, and further, it increased its story base all over the world.

Japanese ancient samurai design

Samurai were the old Japanese soldiers, and samurai were also ancient bodyguards for the total family. These ancient samurai designs go for their power and discipline.

Some of the samurai were wizards, and most of the Japanese people also wish to have Japanese wizard samurai designs. These tattoos have taken in arms, chests, or back. Kids and adults treat ancient samurai culture for discipline.

Japanese turtle design

Japanese turtle design gives an excellent message for wisdom. A turtle represents wisdom and care as an amphibian. There are also turtle stories in Japan. Most of the time, these turtle designs are mixed with Japanese wave tattoo designs as they come up very well with colors and also as a background.

You can take these in small size, and these Japanese tattoos also come up in symbolic form (short in size).

Japanese tiger design

Tigers are the lovely design in Japan as they show fear, strength, and anger in these designs. Japanese tiger design is a unique design in Japan.

It had its design and has a unique mixture of colors adding black and white and the primary color.

Japanese Snake design

Snake designs are the most amazing designs for Japanese tattoos. As the smaller represents the should against calamity and ailment.

By giving a unique floral touch for the design, the tattoo will be looking decent.

Japanese koi design

Koi is a type of fish. This fish is most loved in Japan. This koi design will power strength and bravery.

Koi is the only existing fish that can swim upstream. When the fish reaches God’s hate, then gods transform the koi fish to the golden dragon.

Japanese lotus design

This gives the message for love and passion for a person. The lotus design with a small 3D design will provide a unique look for the Japanese tattoos.

The lotus is the most beautiful flower which you can find in Japan.

Japanese bamboo design

The bamboo plant is a plant that you can find more in Japan, and the bamboo design in a tattoo represents strength and durability to overcome hurdles.

A light amount of shading for the tattoo gives a fantastic new look for this kind of Japanese tattoos.

Using if colors will have a different texture by giving a 3D look for the tattoos.

Buddha design

The Buddha tattoo with all these above mixtures will have a fantastic and new look with little pink styles on it.


All these Japanese tattoos with a feminine look will have a great and unique look for all the symbols. Try them out and let us know which one is the best.

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