200+ Insect Tattoo Ideas - Bold, Beautiful, Meaningful

Written by: Jason White

The theme of insects in a tattoo evokes various emotions in people, from admiration and tenderness to fear and aversion, as, in fact, the insects themselves. Even the photo of insects tattoos looks ambiguous: they attract and repel simultaneously. Perhaps this is the main purpose of such images.

People often associate insects with human qualities: a bee and an ant are symbols of diligence, a dragonfly and a butterfly are symbols of frivolity and beauty, a scorpion is symbols of aggression, etc. Keep reading to find out about insect tattoo meanings. Maybe this information will help you choose a sketch for your new tattoo.

Insect Tattoo Ideas and Meanings


It’s not everyone’s decision to tattoo a spider on a body. But despite this “unpopularity” of this insect, the meaning of the spider tattoo illustrates very positive values: thoroughness, accuracy and secrecy, modesty and practicality, magic, and creativity. Sometimes it is perceived as a symbol of development, movement forward, love of life, and faith in luck (in particular, when the spider is shown crawling up).

Often a spider is depicted on the body as a symbol of hard work and patience – a smart insect spends a lot of time and effort on creating a spider web, but its work is necessarily rewarded with good prey that gets into this web.

In mythological traditions, the image of the Spider is associated with creativity, professional and craft skills, diligence, favorable omens. The tattoo of the spider’s spider web is a symbol of the creative forces of the universe.

spider tattoo skull design


Dragonfly tattoos look no less beautiful than those of butterflies. Dragonflies are often inked on as one of the elements of a sleeve, that is, the whole composition.

One of the oldest and most popular symbols is that of the scarab beetle. This symbol arose in Ancient Egypt and its original meaning remains unchanged. It is still considered as a symbol of the power of the sun, immortality, resurrection, reincarnation, and the pursuit and achievement of a higher goal.

Ladybugs are known to be gentle and harmless creatures.

Scarab Beetle

One of the most ancient and popular symbols is the image of a scarab beetle. This symbol arose in Ancient Egypt and retained its original meaning almost unchanged. From ancient times, a scarab was considered a symbol of the power of the sun, rebirth, immortality, resurrection, the pursuit of a higher goal, and its achievement. These tattoo meanings are associated with scarab behavior patterns. The ancient Egyptians were struck by the persistence with which this beetle rolled balls from manure, many times exceeding its own size, and rolled them to the egg-laying site. In addition, the shape of the ball was considered ideal and connected to the sun. Thus, pushing his ball scarab symbolized the way the sun travels daily.


Bright, free, beautiful – these are the associations that arise when you see a butterfly fluttering somewhere in the garden. And even though it hatched from the egg and was a nasty caterpillar, now it is what it should be. That’s the sacred and symbolic nature of the butterfly. By applying it to the body in the form of a tattoo, man will associate it with the rebirth, a new life. That is why butterflies are often inked in difficult periods of life as a symbol of a new stage, a clean sheet that will give a freer and more beautiful life.

Among other things, it embodies beauty, lightness, and gracefulness. Today a butterfly is associated with lightness and even carelessness. Another meaning of the body drawing with a butterfly can be called freedom. In nature, these insects fly at ease. The drawing gives its owner freedom and infinite lightness.

The location of the butterfly and the features of the sketch are of great importance. So open wings will embody openness to the world. The insect in flight will symbolize freedom. Symmetrical wings represent harmony. In addition, if a tattoo sketch contains several butterflies fluttering together, they symbolize family well-being.


A cicada tattoo serves as a powerful guardian. It is considered a symbol of longevity, eternal youth, and even immortality. Such symbolic abilities of the amulet due to the fact that the cicada – the most long-lived of all insects. Its life term can be as long as 20 years. Tattoo cicada protects the owner from danger, protects from enemies and insidious people, gives longevity.

The main purpose of the symbol is to give its owner a happy embodiment in a new life. In this sense, this amulet is a good fit for those who believe in reincarnation.

The image of the cicada protects the wearer from failure. This is due to the insect’s ability to anticipate a thunderstorm. A couple of days before it rains, it makes its famous chirp. The tattoo will also predict from misfortune and prepare for possible trouble. The Cicada is the protector of a man at a time of great change in life. The tattoo helps to easily endure everything associated with huge events. Change of residence, work, changes in personal life will take place without nervous tension.


A tattoo with a bee means a symbol of labor and obedience. At the same time, it is much more symbolic. It’s a symbol of:

  • organizational skills;
  • sociability;
  • cleanliness;
  • modesty;
  • love of work;
  • bravery and the ability to stand up for yourself;
  • selflessness;
  • wisdom;
  • morality.

The tattoo with the image of a bee is often inked because the combination of black and yellow colors looks bright and impressive. Having picked up a successful tattoo style, such a tattoo will look even more effective and more significant.


Many world cultures give the image of an ant only positive qualities. For example, in Chinese society, an ant is a symbol of virtue, honesty, and righteousness. The Buddhist religion honors these insects for their meekness and purity. Due to such symbolism and significance of an ant is popular in tattoo culture.

Ants are considered hardworking and also brave. Despite their small size, ants can lift several times their weight, so they are often associated with strength. Tattoo with the image of an ant may mean that its owner is in fact stronger than it seems, and it can be about not only physical strength but also spiritual.

Ants live and survive in colonies, where each insect has its own important role in the life of the colony. They work for their little “society”. Therefore, the ants symbolize not only the love of work but also the power of synergy – a small contribution of everyone to the public good leads to great results if all work together.


The symbolism of the scorpion tattoo can be considered dual: with its seeming innocence, pitifulness, and modesty, it does not tolerate attacks on its integrity. But scorpion is not so much a symbol of aggression, but a symbol of defense, the ability to stand up for himself, as he bares his sting only at the time of threat.

Among other things, scorpions are believed to be associated with:

  • bravery
  • nobility
  • strength of spirit, determination, ability to overcome any obstacles
  • loneliness

Scorpion is also often inked as a symbol of zodiac sign.


The moth is a symbol of frivolity because it often flies to the fire and dies. But, there is also the opinion that the moth aspires to its goal, without fear of any dangers and obstacles. That is why the moth has become a symbol of purposefulness, and the fight against restrictions. It is possible to draw a conclusion that such a tattoo will suit freedom-loving and purposeful people.


A tattoo with this insect indicates a consistent and quick response. The owners of grasshopper tattoo live in a measured rhythm, can wait and do not rush events. At the same time, they will not miss their chance. Grasshopper disguise symbolizes the ability of man to gradually implement the desired in life and not scare off good luck.

A grasshopper on the body may also mean its owner’s love of music. By the way, sometimes on tattoos grasshoppers are depicted with violins and other musical instruments.

Praying Mantis

The mantis is a very unusual insect, but it enjoys great popularity in tattoo culture due to its angularity and uniqueness. It is depicted in different styles, the most popular of which are geometry, new school, illustration. But in addition to its unusual appearance, the mantis has earned a reputation as a symbolic insect.

The mantis is a symbol of bravery, cunning, and cruelty. Aggressiveness and ruthlessness are the hallmarks of these insects. Since in nature, the Mantis can perfectly disguise themselves as a leaf, they are associated with secrecy, insight, and cunning.

As a connecting thread to mythological worlds, insect tattoos can cause absolutely contradictory feelings. And if you want to make your tattoo special and fill it with meaning, among the insects there are a lot of those who symbolize certain features and principles. Courageously choose a tattoo of an insect, the meaning of which is close to you or bring them your own meaning. This tattoo is sure to be very significant and important for you!

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