Kit King


Currently living in rural Ontario, Canada, where Kit was born, she spends her days painting alongside her husband Oda full time. Both Kit and Oda tattooed for seven years prior to taking the dive to full time artists. "Tattify allows me to continue to see my art on people’s skin, despite leaving the industry."
More about the artist: Art> people. I enjoy long walks to the refrigerator. I’m fuelled by pizza and pop-tarts, and cheesy puffs run through my veins. Junk food is my vice. I don’t like to be more than 10 meters from snacks at any given time.
I can’t touch my feet to grass.
I drink milk from the carton with a straw. Sometimes it gets lost in there and I end up with a carton of straws.
I have a rescue dog named Chicken, and three rescue kitties- Crook, Gamblin, and Grumbacher. And glubduals Walter and Charlie… I call fish “glubduals” b/c they go “glub glub”.

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