Infinity Tattoos

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Infinity is a mathematical term, or I can say a mathematical number, and there are strong mathematical theories and concepts behind Infinity but let’s not get into those thoughts. Just to make it simple for you let’s not look at it that way. Forget that it’s a number instead look at it an eight which is lying down. Yeah, that’s it. A sideways 8 is the symbol of infinity. But there’s something about infinity that you need to know that is it’s endless. Infinity means endless, or you may say, there’s nothing beyond infinity in fact infinity is itself an end. It’s an end for an infinite series or sequence just like the numbers. Does your head ache yet? Well, Infinity Tattoos are widely famous all over the globe.

Eight which is lying down holds some great meaning and signifies a lot of things as you will see. And again, infinity Is not that complicated.

What does an Infinity Tattoo Represent?

You just read that Infinity Tattoos have got some profound meaning. For a lot of people, this sideways 8 signifies a key to life. According to them, life is limitless and full of possibilities. An Infinity represents every opportunity of every single day in your life from even tiniest of decisions you made and what could have happened if the decision you had made was different. Even smallest of the things that you do have consequences.

Look closely at the symbol of infinity. You would see a loop which is endless. It’s a loop which has no way out, it never ends, and there is nothing beyond it. You can relate it to anything that is endless such as friendships, family, the universe. Infinity is a symbol of ‘Forever.’ It represents the relationships that are never going to end just as infinity never ends.

The family that lasts forever, Love that is never going to vanish and the people who are never going to leave. They are with us till infinity. They’re with us forever. Couples get Infinity Tattoos as a commitment to their relationship. The endless loop and the circles can also be linked with the seasons which repeat itself over and over every year.

History of Infinity

Historically the symbol of infinity looks somewhat similar to the mythological creature Ouroboros. It’s a symbol of a dragon eating its tail in the shape of infinity. In ancient India, this symbol represented dualism and perfection. It also signified the unity between a man and a woman and the balance between the two forces.

The symbol of infinity appears on the ornaments of the cross of Saint Boniface. He was a missionary and was promoting Christianity in the Frankish Empire.

In 1655, John Wallis gave this symbol its mathematical meaning, i.e., Infinity. He never explained why he chose this symbol as infinity although in Roman used a similar symbol to represent large numbers. It looked like this ‘CIƆ.‘

Infinity Tattoos Trend

There is something in this symbol that it attracts everybody’s mind and attention. Infinity tattoos are steadily rising, and many people tend to get this tattoo in one or the other form. One reason could be its incredibly great meaning and history or perhaps it relatively small, and one can get it anywhere on the body. Either way, it gives a mysterious touch to the person just as infinity itself is a mystery.

Most commonly people get this tattoo on their wrists as it fits correctly there and gives you a beautiful and an aesthetic look. Girls are more tend to wear this tattoo which in a way reflects their unique personality and a different perspective towards life.

Infinity Tattoos Designs Ideas

There are some tattoos which are simple yet hold a profound and touching meaning. Infinity Tattoos are just one of them. They are attractive, simple and small and can fit in any part of the body. There is a variety of design in which people get this tattoo each different signifying meaning.

Paring Infinity Tattoos

Lately, there has been a trend of paring Infinity Tattoos with some other stuff that holds a meaningful place in one’s life or something that reflects their personality. It is most commonly combined with the words such as Friendship, BFF, Love, Family. And if you see, each of these words when combined with the infinity symbol, changes the meaning of the tattoo and reflects the nature and the personality of the person.

For example, a person who is very fond of traveling would get an infinity tattoo paired with the word ‘Wanderlust’; soulmates can draw an infinity paired with the word ‘Friends.’

Interlocking Infinity Tattoos

There is one more popular design, i.e., Interlocking infinities. These kinds of tattoos are mostly worn by married couples or family members signifying ‘Forever and ever.’

It’s for the people who want to grow old together, and the tattoo signifies their love towards each other. One can also put phrases along with the symbol such as ‘Love your life’ which is cliched yet holds a great significance.

There are a million ways in which this tattoo can be portrayed. There is end number of ways to turn this ‘sideways 8’ into a great piece of art. Infinity is an endless loop conveying endless meanings.

They are either way one of the most aesthetic, mysterious and beautiful tattoos one can get and it’s incredible how just a simple sign can convey such huge messages.

Infinity Tattoos Designs

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