How To Make Temporary Tattoos With Printer - Design And Print A Tattoo

Written by: Claudia

The best part about temporary tattoos is not only the convenience and commitment-free enjoyment but the fact that many of them can be made from the comfort of your home. While there are numerous methods for creating a temporary tattoo, there’s one way that seems to be catching social media by storm: using a printer to make a temporary tattoo.


How to Make a Temporary Tattoo With a Printer

Your Supplies

You will need:

  • An inkjet printer - black ink works best for these designs but full color is acceptable as well
  • Waterslide paper - this is not like regular paper
  • A clean washcloth or a sponge
  • Optional: makeup setting spray or hairspray

Step One: Choose a Design

Whether you’re selecting a design on the internet or drawing your own on the computer to use for your temporary tattoo, we recommend that you select something that is:

  • Black ink is best but tattoos can be in color as well
  • Has sharp and thick lines for a clear definition
  • Nothing too elaborate that may not transfer well
  • Mirror-flipped to ensure the design applies the correct way

You may have to experiment with size as you determine where you want to place this tattoo. The design needs to be printed on waterslide paper which is the same kind of printer that temporary tattoos are printed on.

Step Two: Place and Wet the Design

Once you’ve narrowed down your design, cut out around it and place it on the region you like best. Using a sponge or washcloth that is soaked with very warm water, dab the back of the design. Do not rub the design because that can cause the temporary tattoo to smudge. Press down hard and carefully dab the design.

Step Three: Peel Back Paper

After you’ve thoroughly wet the design to transfer it to your skin, slowly peel away at the paper. Allow your temporary tattoo time to dry or carefully pat it dry with a paper towel. When it’s fully dry, you can spray it with makeup setting spray or hairspray to add an additional layer of protection to your temporary tattoo, but that step is completely optional.

Step Four: Enjoy Your Rad Tattoo!

These temporary tattoos last only a few days to a week and remove very easily with a bit of scrubbing with antibacterial soap or some rubbing alcohol. Enjoy your new tattoo making sure to keep it out of the water if you don’t want it to peel and flake away.

Where Can You Buy Waterslide Paper?

Waterslide paper is a decal paper that can be found in marketplaces like Amazon or in your standard arts and crafts store. While it is not permanent on the skin, be careful when you are creating your temporary tattoos as they can become permanent on other surfaces.

Our Final Thoughts

Temporary tattoos are a fun way to experiment with a design before you commit to something more permanent, to accessorize for events, or just to have a little creative enjoyment. With waterslide paper and an inkjet printer, they become very easy to make at home.

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