How To Make A Temporary Tattoo Last Longer - Tips And Tricks

Written by: Pete

Temporary tattoos are a great way to get a feel for a design or placement before your big tattoo decision, or just a fun and modern way to accessorize. Though temporary tattoos are exactly that, a temporary commitment, you may be looking for ways to extend the life of your temporary or semi-permanent tattoo. We’ve narrowed down the best tips on how to extend the life of your temporary tattoo.


How to Make a Temporary Tattoo Last Longer

There are different ways to prevent your temporary tattoo from cracking, fading, and peeling away too quickly. Extending the life of your temporary tattoo actually begins even before application! There are additional tips and tricks that you can implement for your tattoo after it’s been applied to your skin that will also help improve its lifespan. You must also consider the brand and process that you used for the temporary tattoo as that will also influence the length of time it will last on your skin.


If you are anticipating getting a temporary tattoo, you should prep your skin in a few ways. You should first select a placement on your body that does not experience a lot of sweat, bending, movement, or rubbing up against clothing. After that, you can proceed with the following preparation recommendations:

  • Shave the region you plan to apply the temporary tattoo.
  • Next, exfoliate the skin thoroughly using a sugar or salt scrub.
  • After exfoliating, thoroughly cleanse the region with an antibacterial soap.
  • Do not apply any lotions or moisturizers as the oils will compromise the application of the temporary tattoo.

During Application

Make sure you are following all instructions for application. Remember that henna tattoos and other temporary tattoo methods have different requirements for the proper application that will help extend the intensity and length of their appearance. If you’ve purchased a semi-permanent tattoo that is meant to last a few weeks, be sure to follow the instructions provided by the company.


There are a few tips and tricks that can help lengthen the life of your temporary tattoo after it’s been applied.

  • Let the temporary tattoo air dry for as long as possible without touching or rubbing up against the design.
  • You can apply setting powder or non-toxic talcum powder to your temporary tattoo after application.
  • Use hairspray or a liquid band-aid spray to help seal in your temporary tattoo. Reapply as needed.

Things to Avoid

There are additional precautions you should take to help make your temporary tattoo last longer.

  • Avoid oils or lotions and creams on the area. This includes sunscreen, unfortunately.
  • Do not soak or scrub the temporary tattoo.
  • Avoid scratching your skin.
  • Avoid excessive sweating or stretching of the skin.
  • Avoid hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohols, or even nail polish remover.
  • If you need to wash the area, cold water is better than hot water.

Our Final Thoughts

Temporary tattoos are named as such for a reason, and sometimes, no matter how hard you try to extend the life of your tattoo, it may just fade away. But that’s one of the fun things about temporary tattoos; you don’t need to commit to one design and have the chance to switch it up and accessorize differently every other week.

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