Can You Get Two Tattoos In One Session Or In One Day?

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We’ve all been there: with so many amazing tattoo designs and ideas floating around in our head, how could we possibly pick just one? You may be wondering if it’s possible to book a larger block of time with your artist and get two (or more) designs out during one session. The good news is, it absolutely could be, but it’s all up to you and your artist. We’ll tell you why.

Why Would You Want to Get Two Tattoos in One Day?

There could be a multitude of reasons why you are considering two tattoos in one day, including:

  • Having a few designs in mind already
  • Being unable to commit to just one design
  • Having a pair of designs that work well with one another
  • Not having enough time to schedule two separate appointments
  • Being too excited to wait between sessions

Can You Get Two Tattoos in One Day?

Absolutely, you can! But there are a few factors that will play into whether or not this is possible. Some you have control over, while others are all up to your tattoo artist.

Pain Threshold

One tattoo is painful, that can’t be denied. And while there are ways to reduce the pain of a tattoo, as a session wears on, your adrenaline fades and the pain tends to increase.

Apart from all this, your individual immune system and your threshold for pain play a huge role in whether or not you’re able to sit for two tattoos during one session. If one tattoo is an absolute uphill battle for you, your artist may either advise against a second one during the same session, to allow your skin some time to recover, or may just not feel comfortable tattooing you in this state.

Being able to get two tattoos in one session relies heavily on how much you can handle!

Check out our Tattoo Pain Chart to know where tattoos hurt the most

The Right Artist

Your artist will ultimately decide if they are comfortable performing two tattoos during one session. If your design is pre approved and it involved two pieces (such as wings, or two shoulder pieces that match, for example), then obviously there will be no issue with your tattoo artist moving forward with this work. But if your artist has other bookings that require their dedicated time, or don’t feel comfortable proceeding with a second tattoo during the same appointment, they have a right to deny the work and move it to another day.

Tattoo Placement and Design

If you are looking two get two very complicated designs done, you might be rushing work that requires patience and additional appointment bookings. Small tattoos, matching pieces, or simple ink is more likely to be accepted by your artist.

In addition, placement plays a role into whether or not you can get two tattoos done in one session. You cannot get a second tattoo in a region that will overlap or interfere with the first tattoo you had done. The first tattoo needs extensive time to heal before you can tattoo on or close to it.

Time and Money

If your artist has agreed to two tattoos in a session and you’re ready to handle the pain, your next step is to ensure that you have the required time to work on two pieces - and the cash! A longer session means you’ll have to pay more out of pocket for your pieces, and don’t forget the importance of tipping your artist at the end of it all, as well.

How Many Tattoos Can You Get at Once?

You can get multiple tattoos at once. However, being able to get multiple tattoos in one day relies heavily on how much your pain threshold. How much pain can you handle? Also are a few other factors that will play into whether or not this is possible. Some you have control over, while others are all up to your tattoo artist.

Our Final Thoughts

We completely understand being pulled in two directions by two design ideas. We also know that a tattoo is a lifelong commitment, and you shouldn’t just be driven by a rush to get things done all at once! That being said, if you think you can handle the pain, the time, and the financial burden of two tattoos in one session, it’s usually not an issue with artists and they’ll block out extra time for your needs.

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