Hourglass Tattoos

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tattoo is being emerged as one of the best style icons among people in the present-day world. People wear different kinds of tattoos on various parts of their bodies according to their interests. A tattoo is said to reflect the person symbolically. Many people are coming with different kinds of tattoos, and one of the most innovative ideas in tattoo design is an hourglass tattoo. An hour glass measures the passage of time. It embodies the importance of time and how we cannot retrieve it back once we have lost it. Adding some additional details to the hourglass tattoo brings beauty and a very creative message to the viewers. Here are some best hourglass ideas we have on tattoos.

Hourglass Tattoo Designs

We have listed here some very creative solid hourglass tattoo designs. Go and check them out!

Hourglass Tattoo With Wings

tattoo of the hourglass with wings present on both sides of the hourglass. This tattoo gives a picture of how time flies away within a blink of the eye.

It illustrates the importance of time and how wisely we should make use of it. It marks a beautiful tattoo to be inked on one’s body, leaving a lovely message to oneself and others.

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Sea Hourglass Tattoo

An hourglass tattoo can also be sketched by drawing the first half of the hourglass as a beautiful scenario of sea and birds. The second half of the hourglass can be depicted as a sad scenery of a wrecked ship and a glooming environment.

This tattoo implies that whatever the happy situation it is today may not be present tomorrow. So one must be ready for all the consequences and stay active to face many hardships in their future.

Worth of Time

Another idea of an hourglass tattoo is to represent the first half of the hourglass tattoo as a crumpled clock as if the time is being lost and the second half of the hourglass tattoo with a beautiful quote on a consequence of wasting time.

This art represents the worth of time and how efficiently one must utilize it for a fruitful life.

Trees And Candlelight

Another idea of the hourglass is to serve the first half of the hourglass with illuminating candlelight all over the surface. The upper half of the hourglass will be so bright. But we correspond to the lower half of the hourglass as dark, deserted night with a tree with almost no leaves.

The tree would be dry and nearly about to die. This tattoo represents how happy we can be if we have time and similarly how sad to see the passage of time from our lives.

Mother’s Womb

In this tattoo, we will depict the upper half of the hourglass as a baby in a warm mother’s womb with the umbilical cord attached to the baby, whereas in the lower half of the hourglass, we will depict a skeleton of a human body.

This tattoo symbolizes time with birth and death. It represents the life cycle of a human being within an hourglass. This tattoo is very creative and leaves a deep thought to anybody who spectates it.

Chain Bearings

An hourglass tattoo comes in use as an hourglass with chain bearings tied to it on both sides of it. This tattoo symbolizes that time waits for none.

It represents that even though you try to stop time, it is an impossible act. You cannot stop time, so you must try to make the most of it.

Green Tattoos

Another innovative hourglass tattoo is to represent the upper half of the hourglass as a green and healthy tree with colorful fruits . We will also depict the lower half of the hourglass tattoo as a dead tree with only branches left.

This body art also represents the transition in life on how a person can transform from a healthy person to a weak person in their lifespan cycle.

Heart Hourglass Tattoo

One more idea on an hourglass is to design the upper half of the hourglass as a heart entangled with a vine of thorns resulting in the heart shedding blood. We will present this as a sad heart suffering from pain. Now we will depict the lower half of the hourglass as a skull.

This hourglass picture symbolizes that one must not do anything that does not make their heart happy. One must find things to do, which brings content to them; otherwise, it may kill their soul and one’s own self. This is a profound body art with an intense massage. Also, try out these amazing arm tattoos.


Another creative idea on an hourglass tattoo is keeping the upper half of the hourglass with sand, and we will represent the lower half of the hourglass with the skull. In this tattoo, we will also place a quotation around the hourglass, stating, ‘everything has time.’

This also represents that nobody is immortal. Everyone has to die at some point in their life. We must not take a breath for granted and lead our lives most productively.

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