Horror Tattoos - Ideas and Meaning

Written by: Jason White

As the name “Horror tattoo” suggests, horror and fear are the pervading themes in this style of tattooing. Sketches and images embody favorite horror stories or gruesome fantasies of either the master or owner of the tattoo.

Main Features of Horror Tattoos

  • This style of tattooing calls for realism, which brings with it a recommended size because it is difficult to successfully translate something horrific in a small-sized tattoo.
  • When it comes to color, both shades of black and bright colors can be applied to maximize realism and create an eerie atmosphere.
  • Sketches are often characterized by blood flowing down the face, faces frozen in horror, and creepy portraits.
  • Popular body parts for these tattoos include the chest, back, leg, arm, and forearm.
  • The goal is to horrify the viewer of the tattoo, or at least, make them feel uneasy!

Popular Horror Tattoo Designs

  • Freddie Kruger
  • The clown from Stephen King’s “It”
  • Pyramid head from “Silent Hill”
  • The girl from the movie “The Ring”
  • The Jigsaw Killer from “The Saw”
  • Dracula
  • Chuckie doll
  • Personal preferences (zombies, aliens, gore, monsters, pin-up horror girls).

Horror Tattoo Ideas

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