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Do you ever think about getting inked forever? Well, nowadays people don’t use such kind of old-fashioned words. So, what’s about having a tattoo? I think it’s cool to have something on your skin which can accentuate your skin and express your thoughts. Tattoos have a power and magic all their own. They decorate the body, but they also enhance the soul. Some people want to have a tattoo as a reminder.

They got inked as an aide-memoire. And when it comes to heart tattoos, the first thing comes to your mind is love, no? Of course, the heart is just an organ of our body, but it becomes tantamount to love and passion across the world. Notwithstanding this, the heart also symbolizes the place where the soul lies. Modern-day heart symbol has replaced its predecessor. And in this day and age, it is trending among the youth. I have mentioned some amazing tattoo ideas below to soften your heart, and they can also inspire you if you want to go for inking.

Heart Tattoo Designs & Ideas

A Bleeding-Heart Tattoo

A bleeding red heart tattoo represents lost love, heartbroken, dejected, crushed, downhearted, repressed emotions. It expresses that the person having it has faced a lot of pain in his life and has become crestfallen from his life. You can have this tattoo on your wrist and chest.

Heart with Wings

Wings affixed with heart represents freedom, spirituality, free-spirit, aspiration. With wings folded usually means that you love someone and believes that he or she has a good personality and only he or she holds your heart. You can have this tattoo on neck, back, navel, chest, ankle, and shoulder.

Anatomical Heart Tattoos

Anatomical heart tattoos are the actual picturization of the human heart. It may not be appealing for some people who love romantic designs, but it is very famous in the realm of tattoos. These kinds of tattoos mainly convey friendship, love, and feelings of admiration. These tattoos also show centralization and unity of life as the human heart is at the center of the engine of life. These are usually small in size so they can adjust in any part of your body.

Heart Dagger Tattoo

Heart Dagger tattoos are one of the classic designs in traditional style tattoos. And with time, many people brought different interpretations in the meaning of this design. It can be self-explanatory as the heart symbolizing emotions and the dagger through it representing hurt or pain. This tattoo theme shows betrayal. You can have it on your wrist, neck, chest, or back.

Geometric Heart Tattoo

Geometric heart tattoo comprises of geometric shapes of heart consisting of simple black outlines, and it is a unique take on a simple tattoo. If you just want to have a decent and unique heart tattoo, then this will be a great choice. This tattoo will give you a genteel look. These tattoos are of a small size so you can have it on your wrist, neck or ankle.

Celtic Knot Hearts Tattoo

This design is inspired by a Celtic Knot, the artist replaced the loops with hearts and created a kind image for a wearer. You can have it on your hands or below the knees.
Heart and Cross Tattoo

These tattoos represent some religious sect. Ancient Greeks and Romans used these tattoos to identify themselves with religious sectors. These tattoos are just continuing the tradition.

Script Tattoo

This tattoo integrates text into a heart, the L written in the script which enfolds the letter o, v and e spelling love within the heart. This tattoo symbolizes LOVE. Another text can be FAMILY which represents the wearers’ love for his or her family. This can be inked on your neck, arms, or ankle.

Tribal Heart Tattoo

A heart is portrayed by three swirled tribal designs. This gives a cool and unique look. Most people used to have this type of tattoo on their neck, wrist, ankle, legs, or foot.

Fingerprint Heart Tattoo

This tattoo is a unique engraving using fingerprints to contrive the heart. You can have it inked on your legs, ankle, foot, arms or neck.

Heart enclosing Patterns

This tattoo uses a striking pattern to fabricate a heart. There is no outline for the heart; the patterns itself are enough for constructing a shape of the heart. There is no separation, so it seems more realistic.

The Infinity Heart Tattoo

A heart is spliced with the infinity symbol. A heart and infinity symbolize never-ending or limitless love. It also means “till death do us part.” Infinity just means forever or never-ending possibilities. It is a straightforward way of expressing everlasting love.

Mickey Mouse Hearts You Tattoo

This tattoo is made by the hands of Mickey Mouse, a popular cartoon character or Glover whose two hands come together to create a heart with their fingers. Mickey Mouse is either communicating his love, or famed video protagonist Glover has found his soulmate.
I hope you found some inspirational tattoo designs here. Thank you for reading this.

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