Hand Tattoos

Written by: Pete

Looking for the best Tattoos? At some point in life, almost everyone wants to, or at least plans to get a tattoo. A crucial part of that process is deciding the aesthetic and location of your tattoo. The best place for your tattoo might be your arm.

If you’re a beginner and this is your first tattoo, it will hurt lesser than other areas, as this part of your body is fleshy and not bony. Even if you’re not a beginner, you will agree that arm tattoos are beautiful. You can quickly show them off also; after all, you will bear pain, so why not show off its’ results.

Tattoos can be designed to fit your aesthetic. For the minimal, feminine aesthetic, you can go for tribal print tattoos. Arrows and straight, neat lines will give you symmetry and that clean, hipster look. Your tattoo will look incredible, provide you with confidence, and you are bound to get a lot of compliments because of it.

You can also go for floral tattoos. They can be a flower in full bloom or as a small bud, or even a bouquet. They can be colorful as well! It is an ultra-feminine design that, with its softness, will enhance your softness and the smoothness of your skin. But guys, do not be afraid of these patterns. They can be made masculine with geometry, and besides, a little flower never hurts anyone. A male in touch with his feminine side only seems more confident about himself!

Meaning of Hand Tattoos

Tattoos with texts can also be beautiful. You can get a text that means something to you tattooed on yourself. It can be a motto, a book quote, an anecdote, a saying, a date that means something to you, someone’s name, your name, etc., etc.… the possibilities are endless. You can get it in any language whether it is in English, Hindi, Urdu, Latin, absolutely anything. It can be all capital letters or a small, curvy, cursive print.

Letters can be given a hint of ‘desi-ness’ with a line on top of them, like in the Hindi language. Dates can be written in regular numbers or in Roman numerals too. This type of tattoo will not only be something that looks nice, but also something that others will ask you about, as they are bound to be curious. In such situations, your tattoo works as an ice breaker too!

Hand Tattoo Designs & Ideas

Another great and unique design would be intricate designs anywhere on your arm- a bracelet around your wrist or henna-like designs on the back of your hand. These designs are not only very intricate and beautiful but also classy. If queen Rihanna can rock these designs, so can you.

A simple and great design is a band around any part of your arm. It may be a plain band or one with a design. These designs are unusually high on the biceps and forearm to show off your muscles, or the daintiness of your arms. They work either way.

The meaning behind Hand Tattoos

Nature inspired tattoos are a fantastic way to show your appreciation for nature and beauty. Whether you love the mountains or the beaches, there’s always a perfect design to fit your taste. Simple palm trees or a fir tree, they both equally show your love for nature. Also, the seasons that it offers. These designs can be small or enlarged, depending upon whether you want a fuller tattoo or a minimal tattoo.

For the fictional animal lover, getting tattoos of colorful dragons that may or may not be breathing fire will be a delight. These dragons can easily be wrapped around your arm like a loved up a pet or be fiercely breathing fire to show light on your soul.

For the perfectly logical minds that see everything in clear boundaries, you can find comfort in geometric patterns. They’re perfectly symmetrical, symbolizing absolutely whatever you want them to, whether it be the showcasing your rational minds, or letting the mess inside you out in your typical clean manner.

The people who want drama and are very extra (isn’t this almost everyone these days?), get yourself a full sleeve of tattoos. Customize designs (whatever you want them to be!!!), mix and match themes if you want them to, give a splash of color if you like, fill the whole arm with ink or keep the designs very simple and far; the possibilities are endless.

Back To You

Those who are very much in touch with the earth, its elements, and its creatures, you might like to get tattoos denoting the various features the earth consists of, like land, water, air, fire, or an animal, like a bird to symbolify your free spirit.

There’s a desire for a tattoo in everyone, and there are tattoo designs for everyone. You have to figure out what you want and go for it. And for those who ask what about these tattoos when you’re old and wrinkly, it’s called ‘vintage art.’ It’s priceless. It preserves some of the best memories you had (maybe a matching tattoo with someone), the most important things in your life and that cannot be replaced.

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