Hamsa Tattoos

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Tattoos are gaining huge popularity recently among people of all age. They have become the most favorite way to express their liking for a thing, object, symbol, concept or anything for that matter. From a large variety of tattoo that people prefer, Hamsa Tattoos for men are really trending these days.

What are Hamsa Tattoos?

‘Hamsa’ is the ‘Hand of God’ by many and represents five fingers of the hand symbolically, with two thumbs and three fingers and an eye in between. People also look it upon as a symbol of luck and auspiciousness, especially in the Asian region.

Men who get this tattoo are believed to have good luck and protection from all evil spirits. Hamsa Tattoos really provide you with that ethnic and traditional vibe, and you will be in love with it once you own it.

Hamsa Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Because a Hamsa Tattoo is very large, best place of the body to ink it is on the forearm or the back. If you want to get a really good one, pay more attention to the intricate details and the color of the ink. The design inside the hand is very complicated and uses free-hand lines instead of straight, sharp ones. There is no doubt that a Hamsa Tattoo is the perfect choice for someone who is looking for good looks and cultural significance at the same time.

Here are some design ideas for Hamsa Tattoos:

1. Hamsa on the back

This is inked on your entire back surrounded with dark artistic drawings. The three fingers are uniform in length in the middle, while the thumbs are placed on either side of them. It will symbolize safety from any kind of threat or danger in the future.

2. Hamsa on back of the arm

This is drawn right above the elbow and on the backside of the arm. It is really small in size with the lower part being darker than the upper side.

3. Hamsa on the leg

In this design, the eye is enclosed in a circle indicating protection from the evil. The entire drawing has outlines with a double lining and though Hamsa is a complex figure you can see the details of this tattoo when done on the leg above the ankle.

4. Geometric Hamsa Tattoo

This is made using geometric figures to give it a crisp look. The eye is hosted by the innermost triangle which is surrounded by multiple triangles. Most men love this particular design.

Other geometric varieties include shading only one side of the tattoo by dividing it along with an imaginary line of symmetry. This is to create an effect of partial realism and to make it more innovative.

5. Leaf-like Hamsa

This is created as a black and white drawing in a leaf shape. The eye lies below a triangular shaped structure with smooth edges. This indicates subtleness and positivity simultaneously.

6. Colorful Hamsa

What’s better than color tattoos? A colorful Hamsa is created using an amazing blend of colors that makes it look more beautiful and attractive. The shading is done in a manner which gives it a real look. Bottom of the tattoo is a splash of paint colors.

7. Unusual Hamsa

In this design, the middle finger is made wider whose base lies below the fingers adjacent to it. The entire tattoo is drawn with light curves and eye enclosed in a sepal structure.

8. Blue-eyed Hamsa

The main and the most interesting part about this design is that the artists draw the eye to give a 3D look and blue in color. Also, you can surround it by a chain of beads to further add to its importance. The upper part contains leaves originating from the same bud.

9. Bold Hamsa

This is dark colored and very intricately drawn. It symbolizes strong roots and power and us, human, consider it really ethnic which keeps the owner away from bad vibes.

10. Alien Hamsa

This design looks very rare and alien. This is because the entire tattoo is mostly empty and is just drawn on the outline. It indicates simplicity and has a stem-leaf pattern.

11. Hamsa and Nature

This tattoo is created keeping in mind the beauty of nature and its positivity. It consists of two birds at peace who form the fingers, and the entire design looks breathtaking.

Types of Hamsa Symbol Tattoos

  • Traditional mix with personalized imagery.
  • Traditional bold red ink.
  • Black and grey traditional mix with geometric shapes.
  • Traditional mix with gold filigree embellishing realistic eyes with a lotus flower.
  • Romanesque Hamsa with an olive branch.
  • Classic mix with soft pastel flower.
  • Traditional mix with elephant and lotus.
  • Classic mix with western influence in soft pastels.
  • Traditional mix with western influence in saturated colors.
  • Traditional American take.
  • Eastern mixed with traditional western.
  • Traditional mix with geometric shapes.
  • Beautiful ink blot design over the palm.
  • Traditional outline with the geometric star of David, tearful eye and flowers.
  • Traditional eastern design mixed with Art Deco.
  • Black and grey traditional eastern design mixed with realistic western influence on the torso.
  • Traditional design framing watercolor with western design.
  • Traditional design framing beautiful line composition and realistic eye.
  • Vine hamsa symbol tattoo
  • Protective Hamsa symbol.
  • Hamsa design with a heart.
  • Hamsa asymmetry tattoo.
  • Flower Hamsa design
  • Fish hamsa design tattoo.
  • Hamsa universe tattoo.

Should the Hamsa hand be up or down?

The Hamsa hand facing down brings fertility and answers to prayers. Often the fingers are closed together to bring happiness and good luck. The Hamsa hand facing up is a universal sign against evil.
A tattoo is an art. Tattoos are one of the greatest ways to self-expression. Both men and women like to decorate their body with these amazing arts. Hamsa tattoo serves as a talisman in most cases. It embraces a very deep mystical and spiritual sense.

Final Words

For men who are planning to get a tattoo soon and are looking for amazing, creative tattoo ideas, Hamsa Tattoos are the best. You can customize it according to the color intensity, size, shape and symbolizing powers.

They will even add to your aesthetic beliefs and keep you safe and protected from all misfortune and bad luck. You can choose your own design from the latest trends and enjoy the experience because it will worth the pain and effort put in. Also, make sure you choose the correct body placement for the same so that you have every opportunity to flaunt it.

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