Grim Reaper Tattoos

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Whether we look upon it with awe, fear, or ridicule. The ‘Grim Reaper’ is a character that can be found in every myth, legend, and religion in every corner of the world. It is a personification of death. It comes to collect a person’s soul and transport them to the afterlife, thus bringing their victim’s life to an end. You will surely learn about the grim reaper tattoos in this article.

Despite the negative connotations, the Grim Reaper has become one of the most popular tattoo ideas. Probably due to changes in people’s mindsets- from a fear of death to an acceptance of mortality- that everything that has a beginning must end. This thought inspires some to live life more freely, make decisions with more confidence, and gives hope that their mistakes can be forgotten with time. It also makes them seize more opportunities that pass by because, as the Grim Reaper tattoo reminds you, you only live once.

Whether it be such philosophical thoughts or a poor drunken decision, here are six fresh ideas for getting the ‘God of Death’ tattooed on your body.


Best Grim Reaper Tattoo Designs

The Basic

This is the basic grim reaper tattoos, consisting of the most famous image of the grim reaper.

He is a figure shrouded in a black cloak, face not visible and carrying a big scythe, the reason for his namesake. With the machete, he reaps the soul of the victim. Scary!

The Hourglass

Accessible descriptions of the Grim Reaper also describe him carrying an hourglass with which he tracks the death of his victims. When the last grain falls, their time is up, and he decides to take the victim’s life.

For those who want a tattoo that can be open to many interpretations, or for those who are too worried to get a scary tattoo permanently, this would be more suitable. This is the best grim reaper tattoos.

Death (From Harry Potter):

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? In the last book of the popular franchise, author J. K. Rowling brings forth a character called death. In the folklore within the text, death is cunning and attempts to trap the three brothers in the story by offering them gifts. The first two brothers fall for the traps and suffer early deaths. However, the third one was WISE and knew death was cunning. He uses his gift to hide from death, and when he finally grows old, he stops hiding and greets Death ‘like an old friend.’

By accepting that death cannot be avoided forever. But at the same time, not falling for traps of society by being wise, the third brother teaches us a lot about life. This grim reaper tattoos is perfect for the philosophical ones (or the Potterheads!)


The equivalent of the Grim Reaper in Hinduism and Buddhism, Yamaraja, is the God of Death and the underworld. He is described in the Puranas as having four arms, protruding fangs, a wrathful expression, a complexion of storm clouds, surrounded by a garland of flames and riding a water buffalo, holding a noose in one hand and a sword in the other. He chases after his victims on the buffalo, and with the rope, he seizes their life once it is time.

Despite the terrifying image, this conjures in one’s mind. As Yamaraja may not a negative character, but rather, one who worships. He judges people based on their actions dharma and executes them. Talk about moral righteousness! This grim reaper tattoosmakes for a less seen and more creative, but powerful symbol.

For The Wittier Ones

Not every grim reaper tattoos needs a philosophical meaning; sometimes, it can just be something to make you laugh, or tell you to take things easy.

Someone saying ‘IN 5 MINUTES” as the Grim Reaper frustrated tries to pull a lazy person out of bed makes for a funny tattoo for the procrastinators.

Another idea is the Grim Reaper trying to lure the victim to his or her death. He uses material things like food and alcohol, or for a nihilistic millennial. It is the promise of waiving off all their student loans.

As She

In all accessible descriptions, the Grim Reaper will considered to be male. Inspite there not being any mention in the original works. Why not play around with that idea? A tattoo of The Grim Reaper tattoos, with the scythe and the cloak.

But subtle hints of things that are traditionally feminine, such as nail polish at the ends of the skeletal hands, high heels. Also a handbag or pink sparkles on the scythe can simultaneously provoke laughter as well as thought. If Ariana Grande says, ‘God is a woman,’ I ask, why not death?

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